Settlements in rubles and acceptance of the MIR card: Egypt begins to serve Russian tourists in a new way

Settlements in rubles and acceptance of the MIR card: Egypt begins to serve Russian tourists in a new way

Egypt is ready to work with Russian tourists in a new way – payments in rubles and the acceptance of the MIR card are preparing to come into force in the near future, and this is marked by the rush demand of tourists. This was stated by the Egyptian media, not forgetting to mention that in Turkey these options were “chopped off” due to US sanctions, but Egypt does not plan to follow this example.

“In recent days, there has been an influx of a large number of Russian tourists at the airports of Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Marsa Alam. Observers explained such an influx of Russian tourists to Egypt by the fact that banks switched to the Russian ruble instead of the dollar, ”says one of the publications. It also recalled that Turkey felt firsthand how much demand Russian tourists have for the opportunity to use Mir cards in the country – especially when Turkey was persistently “persuaded” to abandon the Russian payment system through blackmail.

Egypt does not intend to follow this example. “Tourism investors and experts are counting on the introduction of new mechanisms that allow Russian tourists to pay for the cost of tourist and hotel services in Russian rubles instead of dollars, emphasizing that this measure will double the inbound tourist flow from the Russian market. They also demand that enforcement procedures be issued by the Central Bank as soon as possible so that with the start of the winter tourist season next month, the ruble can be sorted out against the Egyptian pound, ”the publication says, emphasizing that investors in the tourism sector have highly appreciated the state’s decision to deal with Russian tourists in rubles instead of dollars.

“This decision will be in the interests of the tourism sector, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, will help to significantly develop the economy. The Russian ruble must be included in the list of currencies used by banks. Also, the Central Bank, together with the Ministry of Finance, intends to allow banks access to the Russian Mir payment card system.
This will increase incentives for the revival of Russian tourism in Egypt and increase contracts between Russian and Egyptian entrepreneurs in the tourism sector during the upcoming tourist season.”

“If the Central Bank of Egypt decides to accept the Russian ruble as a trading currency , the number of Russian tourists coming to Egyptian resorts will increase significantly. Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Sharm el-Sheikh will “grow” significantly in terms of tourist flow in the coming months, which is explained by the fact that several Russian travel companies have announced an increase in the number of their flights to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada,” added Rami Fayez, member of the Marsa Alam Tourism Investor Association.

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