Shock rise in prices: it is named when and how much the hotels of the main resort of Russia will increase prices

Shock rise in prices: it was announced when and how much the prices of hotels in the main resort of Russia will increase

True, only high-quality hotels expect a shocking price increase, the expert noted. According to him, at the moment prices have already risen in the range of 15-17% compared to last year in Sochi. “I think that as we approach the tourist season, this price will continue to grow and, probably, it can be predicted that prices will rise up to 30% compared to last year,” Ilya Umansky added, adding that we are talking primarily about popular tourist sites in Sochi.

“You have to understand that the structure of the room stock is not linear, and the main shortage of places falls on 4-5 star hotels. They are still much smaller than 3-star and lower category hotels. It is on these hotels that the greatest fluctuations in prices are felt, and it is these hotels that will significantly rise in price in Sochi,” Mr. Umansky explained. The rise in prices in the cheaper segment will not be so impressive, they will grow by only 8-10%.

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