Shootout in Bodrum hotel: one killed, panicking tourists, no Russians reported

Shooting occurred in Bodrum hotel: one killed, tourists in panic, no Russians reported

A shootout broke out at a hotel in the popular resort of Bodrum, sending tourists all over the street into a panic. As a result, one person died and two others were injured. The details of the incident are being investigated.

According to the Turkish press, the incident took place in a hotel in the Golturkbuku district around 23.00. Three gunmen arrived at the hotel by car – and, presumably, opened fire on three other people living in the hotel. The shots threw tourists and residents of the area into a panic, so that the attackers were able to escape before the police arrived at the scene.

Arriving doctors hospitalized three young people, from 17 to 22 years old, presumably all the victims were local residents, at least the affected tourists and especially the Russians are not reported. Another one, 28-year-old Omer Atash, the doctors could not help, he died at the scene.

“Efforts are being made to apprehend the escaped suspects. A large-scale investigation has been launched into the incident,” the media also reported.

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