Shop tours for firewood, gasoline and Mir cards started in Russia

While the Finnish authorities are fighting to reduce Russian tourist flows, narrowing the opportunity to apply for a visa, as well as eliminating trains and even confiscating euro cash from tourists, the number of specific shop tourists in the opposite direction from Finland to Russia is growing. And these are not “alcohol tourists”, as in the old days – the sanctions have made their own adjustments: before the long cold winter, the Finns buy firewood and gasoline in Russia, and also issue Mir bank cards to make it easier to pay for all this (their cards are in Russia they don’t work either due to sanctions).

At least, this is the picture that Kostya Heiskanen, a member of the Union of Free Journalists of Finland, described to Eadaily. He said that at the moment more than 100 applications have been received for issuing cards of Russian banks, first of all, these are Mir cards. The main reason is to make it easier for the people of Finland to pay for the main items of shopping – gasoline at gas stations and firewood. Moreover, the last Finns are looking for an opportunity to buy in bulk – for entire small settlements of 25 houses.

The Finns are not afraid of “confiscation of goods” yet. In the meantime, let us recall, using the official order for the Finnish customs, at the border, tourists began to withdraw cash euros. Moreover, judging by the information of Fontanka, you can part even in relatively small amounts. So, the hero of the material of the publication was Yuri from St. Petersburg, who was “squeezed” the amount of 1390 euros at customs. Read more at this link.

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