Sights of Crimea: Top-30

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Using our detailed review of “the best attractions in Crimea”, you can make your trip to this hospitable city unforgettable. When developing a rating of what to see in Crimea, we certainly took into account the recommendations of qualified guides and reviews of vacationers.

What to see in Crimea in the first place

Excursions in the Crimea are numerous and varied. Which of them deserve more attention than the rest? Experienced guides in Crimea give the following advice:

1. Swallow's Nest

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Modern view of the “Swallow's Nest” and Cape Ai-Todor Ierei Maxim Massalitin

Even if you are an inexperienced tourist, and your trip to the Crimea will be the first, you should have heard about this architectural monument more than once. It is located on a steep Aurora rock at a height of 40 meters. Despite its compact size, the recently restored castle attracts great attention from visitors to the city. You can see the unforgettable landscapes of the water surface, as well as enjoy performances and concerts that are held in the surrounding area in the evenings.

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2. Vorontsov Palace

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Southern facade of the Vorontsov Palace Derevyagin Igor

Few sights in Crimea can boast such a breathtaking view. In fact, the object is both the former summer residence of the count family, and the park complex, and the reserve-museum, which keeps its chic interiors. numerous magnolias and cypresses, as well as Mount Ai-Petri, create a worthy exterior. Such films as “Ten Little Indians” and “An Ordinary Miracle” were filmed here.

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3. Livadia Palace

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

The snow-white Livadia Palace surrounded by a green park

The date of construction of the snow-white royal palace is over a hundred years ago. It is also a reserve-museum, famous for its incredible architectural beauty. In the exhibition centers you can see thematic expositions dedicated to the Romanov family. If you don't know what to see in Crimea in 1 day, come here.

Official website: http://Livadia Palace

4. Massandra Palace

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

The eastern facade of the Massadra Palace

Another palace complex of the 19th century, which at one time was the property of Count Vorontsov. The building is decorated in the style of the time of Louis XIII. Today there is a museum on its site.

Official website: http://worontsovpalace

5. Khan's Palace in Bakhchisarai

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

The Great Mosque and courtyard in the Khan's Palace in Bakhchisarai

If you are interested in the culture, life and architecture of the Tatar-Crimean people, you have just learned where to go in Crimea. The former khan's residence was to become a “heaven on earth”. However, over the many hundreds of years of its existence, it has been destroyed and remade more than once. However, even today in this cultural and historical reserve you can look at the decoration that was in the harems of the wives and private chambers of the Tatar rulers. Other attractions include the famous Fountain of Tears, Sarah Guzel baths and mosques.

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See the beautiful places of Crimea in this wonderful video!

6. Foros Church

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Foros Church on a steep cliff – Red Rock above the village of Foros in Crimea

An exquisite and small temple of the 19th century, built at an altitude of 412 meters above sea level. Look at it from below, and it will seem to you that it is floating in the air. The church is active: weddings, baptisms and clergy services are held here. From the observation deck you can look at the surrounding areas and Foros.

7. Assumption Cave Monastery

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Assumption cave monastery on the slope of the Crimean mountains, in the picturesque gorge Mariam-Dere

Talking about the best places in Crimea, it is necessary to mention this male temple, created by Byzantine monks back in the 13th century. The building has existed for such a long time that even the Khan of Crimea came to her to bow to the local shrines. During the USSR, the temple was closed and almost destroyed, but about 25 years ago it was completely restored.

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8. Nikitsky Botanical Garden

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Blooming summer garden and gazebo in Nikitsky Botanical Garden

The territory of the botanical garden is tens of hectares. Research centers, all kinds of flowers, plants and trees are located on the square of the 19th century. There are many greenhouses and even its own museum with a unique herbarium. Fans of the fauna enjoy regular excursions, flower festivals, exhibitions and balls.

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9. Bear -mountain (Ayu-Dag)

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

View of the Ayu-Dag from the side of Gurzuf Papa Q

A natural and archaeological monument with a rich history, keeping the remains of the city of the 8th-14th centuries. According to legend, Ayu-Dag is a giant petrified bear that was laid to rest by the sea king. More than 10 species of rare animals of the Red Book live on the area of ​​the protected zone of the mountain.

10. Mount Ai-Petri

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Mount Ai-Petri in clear weather Batyashev Alexander

A mountain peak that used to house the Greek church of St. Peter. A cableway stretches through Ai-Petri, almost three kilometers long. Ascent to the top point is carried out in special cabins.

11. White rock of Ak-Kaya

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

The white rock of Ak-Kaya rises above the valley of the Biyuk-Karasu River. Seitmemetoff

A rocky massif formed by white limestone varieties. At the foot of the mountain, they found the sites of primitive people, their fossilized bones and tools. Near Ak-Kai there is an 800-year-old oak, under which Suvorov held military talks with representatives of the Sultan of Turkey.

12. The cave city of Chufut-Kale

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Preserved caves of the medieval fortified city of Chufut-Kale in Crimea Peter Ashton

An ancient fortress-city built by the Byzantines in the 3rd century. It is here that the ancient architectural and natural masterpieces – grottoes, caves and foundations – have been preserved in the best condition. In addition, wonderful panoramas of the canyon open from the territory of the city (an area of ​​90 hectares). Be sure to go and see the local male temple, built directly on the rocks.

13. Marble Cave

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

“Mammoth” in the Gallery of Tales of the Marble Cave in Crimea

According to historians, education was formed millions of years ago, and is gradually expanding its size. Inside there are spacious halls, about one and a half kilometers long. If you don't know where to go in Crimea, come to the Marble Cave and look at the unique varieties of local stalactites and crystals.

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14. Tauric Chersonesus

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Ruins of Tauric Chersonese in Crimea

Remains of an ancient city, which was created by the Greeks over 2.5 thousand years ago. Nearby there is a museum with archaeological artifacts, Vladimir's temple and a park complex.

Official website: https://chersonesos

15. Genoese fortresses

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Fortification walls with towers and an ancient mosque of the Genoese fortress in Sudak

Three fortified fortifications, once used to protect against attacks from the water. By agreement between the Genoese and the Tatars, the fortresses became part of the Genoese Gazaria. Later they belonged to the Ottomans. Today, everyone can look at such interesting places in Crimea.

Official website: http://sudak-museum

16. Dolphinarium in Koktebel

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Trained dolphins in the Koktebel dolphinarium

What to visit in Crimea with children? Dolphinarium, the main characters of which are: snow-white northern whale, fur seals and Black Sea bottlenose dolphins. Each “artist” has its own number and coaches. The opening date of the site is summer 2008. In the warm season, the complex operates outdoors. In winter, it is covered with a dome.

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17. Dinopark in Evpatoria

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

A life-size dinosaur in the Dinopark of Evpatoria

Dinosaur Park, where “real dinosaurs” live. 16 objects are made in full size, and are also in the fresh air. They not only move and growl, but even breathe.

18. Water park in Sudak

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Slides of various lengths and steepness in the Sudak Water Park

The park with water attractions is located on the territory of more than 20,000 square meters. meters, and is divided into 3 parts. The number of slides, cascades and pools is a pleasant surprise. Guests of the complex can be people of any age: entertainment is available for both kids and adults. There are several cafes where you can enjoy soft drinks and ice cream.

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19 Museum panorama “Defense of Sevastopol”

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Fountain in front of the building of the panorama “Defense of Sevastopol 1854-1855.” Cmapm

A grandiose building that tells about the days of the defense of Crimea. You can see it only by purchasing a ticket for a tour group. The museum is located in a park area.

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20. Monument to the Scuttled Ships

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Monument to the scuttled ships on the main embankment of Sevastopol

A monumental object submerged in water. The monument was created in memory of the events of the 19th century (Russian ships were sunk in the local bay in order to cut off the waterway for the most powerful fleets of England and France – at the direction of Prince Menshikov).

Sights of Crimea: what else to visit in Crimea?

We told you about the main attractions of the Crimea briefly. In addition, take the time to explore such city treasures as:

21. Balaklava Bay

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Panoramic view of Balaklava Bay in Crimea

A compact bay with indented colorful coastlines. There is also a Genoese fortress here. If there are opinions that the first buildings appeared on the shores of the Balaklava Bay as early as the 8th-9th century BC. During the Crimean War, an English military base was located here, later under the USSR, a secret facility.

22. Object 825GTS

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Entrance to the underground submarine base – Object 825GTS Russianname

The previously secret military facility of Balaklava and an underground station for submarines. At the time of the Soviet Union, the bay was not even put on maps. After the collapse of the Union, the attraction was looted and destroyed. But 15 years ago, the Ukrainian authorities set up a museum here with expositions dedicated to the fleet. Now the Russian government wants to once again change the purpose of the facility by placing the latest base on its territory.

Official website: http://muzey-sevastopo

23 The Grand Canyon of Crimea

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Landscape of the Grand Canyon of Crimea

Included in the list of “the best natural attractions in Russia.” The object is known for its hollows and fancy baths, waterfalls and relict forests. Please note that getting here by public transport is quite difficult. Many hotels in Crimea organize excursions here: a visit is recommended with a group. The Grand Landscape Canyon is a vast fissure in the rock, through which cliffs-capes stretch. Tourist routes are laid along the surrounding area and along the bottom of the crack (there are equipped observation platforms).

24. Ghost Valley

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

An accumulation of bizarre rocks in the Valley of Ghosts in Crimea

More than a hundred stones of various sizes cast original shadows at dusk and dawn, intertwining with each other and “moving”. The dimensions of some rocky blocks are over 25 meters. There are no spirits here, the name was given to the area just taking into account the extraordinary ability of stones to “change their location.”

25. Cape Fiolent

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

View of Cape Fiolent in Crimea

Landscape object with unique flora and fauna. The territory has several attractions of its own, such as Jasper Beach and St. George's Monastery (connected to each other by several hundred steps of stairs). We can recommend a visit to this cape to everyone, but especially to those who are passionate about diving. Because ships almost never moor here and 100% visibility at sea.

26. Golitsyn Trail

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Golitsyn mountain trail near the coast of the Blue Bay in Crimea

The length of the trail, equipped by order of the Golitsyn princes in the eastern part of the peninsula, is 3 kilometers. Fragrant pine trees grow on the famous tourist route, several observation platforms are equipped. The attraction has become a huge success, thanks to the picturesque landscapes and fantastic views from the mountain peaks. The Golitsyn trail goes around the magnificent Novosvetsky bays – Blue, Blue and Green.

27. Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall in the picturesque area of ​​the Khapkhal gorge

A wonderful place, pleasing with its beauty and coolness even on hot days. The height of the famous full-flowing waterfall with an average water flow of 270 liters per second is 15 meters. Buy a ticket and you will be able to look at the territory of the Khapkhal gorge, including from the observation platform. It is suggested to get to the waterfall by jeep along the mountain paths.

28. Novy Svet Champagne Factory

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

Monument to Prince Lev Golitsyn on the territory of the Novy Svet champagne factory Ta2Ed

An organization that produces champagne using classic French technology. The length of the tunnel facilities of the enterprise is seven kilometers. During the year, about one million six hundred thousand bottles of sparkling wines and champagnes of excellent quality are produced here. The plant was founded by order of Prince Golitsyn in 1878. After 12 years, it was decided to produce drinks on an industrial scale. As for our days, organized excursions are held around the enterprise: their goal is to increase the culture of alcohol consumption and to familiarize guests and residents of the city with branded products in detail. Experienced oenologists-winemakers work in the exhibition halls, advising in detail on all issues of product selection. Both elite and budget alcoholic drinks are on sale.

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29. Winery “Massandra”

Sights of Crimea: Top 30

The tower of the main wine cellar of the Massandra factory Pavel Mozhaev

In addition to the enterprise with a beautiful facade, on the square of the winery there are cellars and cellars that are unique in their architectural design (they safely store legendary bottles of wine that have a fabulously high cost). It is also recommended to visit the plant as part of an excursion group. You can have personal tastings of vintage drinks, as well as learn about how various wines are made. There is an opportunity to purchase Massandra products.

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30. Crimean bridge

< p>Sights of Crimea: Top 30

View of the 19-kilometer Crimean bridge

The world-famous transport connection, which includes automobile and railway routes. The length of this high-tech attraction is such that it makes it the longest bridge in the Russian Federation and the states of all Europe.

Official website: http://www.most.

We are sure that those sights of Crimea, photos with names and descriptions of which you just saw, aroused your interest. Arriving on the peninsula, be sure to inspect them.

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