Sights of Feodosia: Top-30

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

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Do you want to know what sights of Feodosia every tourist should see with their own eyes? Then read this review carefully. We will tell you what to see in Feodosia without fail, regardless of how long the trip around the hospitable city lasts.

What to see in Feodosia first of all

When compiling our rating “Interesting places in Feodosia”, we took into account the recommendations of experienced guides and seasoned tourists. According to them, the best excursions in Feodosia are as follows:

1. Genoese fortress Kafa

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Genoese fortress of Kafa – medieval fortifications of the XIV century in the city of Feodosia Janmad

This majestic 8-meter and three-level building is included in all lists of the “Best Sights of Feodosia”. For a hundred years, the Genoese reliably fortified and expanded it, and in just five days of siege by the Turks, they lost it. Later, the fortress became the property of the Russian Empire and was on the verge of complete extinction. However, it was saved, and today, with its walls, observation platforms, gates and towers, it serves as a real decoration of the city. Every year the festival “Genoese Helmet” is held here.

2. St. Constantine's Tower

Sights of Feodosiya: Top 30

Tower of St. Constantine in the city park Odyanenko Sergiy

An ancient tower named in memory of the legendary commander Konstantin. Previously, the object was located at the border of the sea, but little by little the border moved, and now the defensive structure is located on the square of a landscaped city park. Like many other architectural sights of Feodosia, this one has an original shape: despite the entire fortress of the building, one of the walls is tilted to the side and seems to be falling.

3. Milos Dacha< /h3>

Sights of Feodosiya: Top 30

Plaster copies of antique statues line the main façade of the Milos dacha Investigatio

Tourist reviews usually describe this exquisite 1991 “antique” palace as “magnificent” and “charming”. The mansion is an example of Romanesque and Greek architecture. The name of the building was given by the proximity to the sculpture of Venus de Milo. At present, the building of the local sanatorium is located at the “dacha”. In the courtyard you can see a portico supported by caryatids and beautiful marble fountains.

Official website:

< h3>4. Stamboli Dacha and Museum of Underwater Archeology

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

The building of the former dacha of Stamboli on Aivazovsky Avenue in Feodosia Victoria Makovskaya

Your trip to Feodosia should certainly include a visit to this object of the early 20th century. For many years, the mansion was used for completely different purposes – it was both a drug addiction clinic and a hospital for the Germans. Today it houses a unique museum of underwater archeology. As well as some hotels in Feodosia, it has special interiors in oriental style and unique architecture of the facade. Both levels of the building of the chic palace have retained their expensive decoration of valuable wood and marble.

5. Alexander Grin Museum

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

Facades of the Literary and Memorial Museum of Alexander Grin in Feodosia Sergiy Krinitsya (Haidamac)

The museum complex with the image of a giant ship should be visited by everyone who does not know where to go in Feodosia. The exhibits stored here tell about the life and scientific works of the great traveler and writer Green. The interiors are made in the “ship style” and are decorated with newspaper clippings with his photo. From time to time, screenings of paintings telling about the work of the famous narrator are held. Also, canvases by artists of our time are regularly exhibited here.

Official website:

Watch the wonderful views of Feodosia in this fascinating video!

6. Aivazovsky Art Gallery

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

Feodosia Art Gallery of the famous seascape painter I.K. Aivazovsky Victor Korniyenko

Aivazovsky completed the construction of the facility on his own in 1880, and since then exhibitions of his works have been constantly organized here. The number of paintings by the famous artist at the moment is more than four hundred. In addition, the gallery is equipped with a stage for musicians to perform. If you are passionate about art, you should definitely see such sights of Crimea with your own eyes.

Official website:

7. Museum of the sculptor Vera Mukhina

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Exposition of the Museum of the sculptor Vera Mukhina Ihorpa

In 1937, at the national Parisian exhibition, V. Mukhina presented a work that made her famous all over the world – the statue “Worker and Collective Farm Girl”, 25 meters high. The museum complex, which opened its doors more than 32 years ago, is located where Mukhina and her family used to live. The exhibits are dedicated to the work of the sculptor, the interiors repeat the interior decoration of her creative workshop.

8. Museum of Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaeva

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Literary and Art Museum of Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaev in Feodosia Bogdanov-62

A unique chamber museum, which consists of only two small rooms. But we included the object in our list of “what to see in Feodosia in 1 day” not due to the compact size of the building, but due to the uniqueness of its exhibits. In the recreated setting of the Silver Age, you can see many elements associated with the Tsvetaev sisters.

Official website:

9. Church of St. Catherine

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Colorful and elegant facade of the Church of St. Catherine in Feodosia Olga Dorofeeva

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Painting inside the Church of St. Catherine in Feodosia Olga Dorofeeva


A beautiful architectural monument, created under Catherine II with the money of local residents. Today, the temple is located on the territory of a large-scale complex, which also includes utility rooms, a Sunday school, a library, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and a hotel complex for the Orthodox. The temple building has a non-standard architecture: columns were erected at the corners, instead of a single dome, the top of the building is decorated with five small domes at once. In 1999, the complex was reconstructed, and now it has a truly impressive appearance.

10. Church of St. Sarkis and the grave of Aivazovsky 30″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-feodosii-top-30-dc60855.jpg” alt=”Sights of Feodosia: Top 30″ />

Feodosia Derevyagin Igor

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

The grave of the artist I. K. Aivazovsky in the courtyard of the Armenian church of Surb Sargis Derevyagin Igor

Cult ancient building (approximate date of construction – 1330). The church serves as a gathering place for the Armenian clergy of Feodosia. At one time, numerous writers, historians and theosophists worked and lived here. The main decor of the facade of the building is limestone and marble khachkars. Ashes with the remains of Aivazovsky and his wife are located in the crypt near the western wall of the structure.

11. Church of All Saints

Sights of Feodosiya: Top 30

Inside the Church Church of All Saints Vladimir Chistyakov

Architectural monument of 1880. Recommended for a mandatory visit to those who do not know what to visit in Feodosia, but are passionate about history. The sacred building went through a truly tragic path of existence: at one time the temple was closed, then undermined, dropping beautiful bells into the local bay. Fortunately, a full-fledged reconstruction made it possible to restore its wonderful appearance.

12. Mufti-Jami Mosque

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

Entrance to the Mosque of Mufti-Jami in Feodosia Derevyagin Igor

The cult object of the city, built by the Turks in the Middle Ages and survived to this day. The building has the shape of a cube, an elegant minaret with eight sides and a 12-sided dome. In 1998, the mosque was transferred to the Sunni community, and until then it was at the disposal of the Armenian Church. Open to tourists. All guides in Feodosia recommend visiting such unique ancient objects.

13. Church of the Iberian Icon of the Mother of God

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Church of the Iberian Icon of the Mother of God, built of Bonbosch Crimean stone

Another ancient shrine erected in honor of the icon of the Mother of God in a colorful corner of Feodosia (near the sea and not far from the hill). The time of construction is unknown, the date assumed by historians is the 14th century. The facade of the Orthodox church will remind you of the Armenian churches.

Official website:

14. Church of St. George

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

The Church of St. George the Victorious – an architectural monument of the XIV century in Feodosia PhotoDocumentalist

A modest stone building built many years ago. Previously, this Orthodox Greek shrine was part of a huge monastery complex of the 14th century.

15. Feodosia Museum of Local Lore

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Remains of ancient columns in the courtyard of the local history museum of Feodosia Vadim Indeikin

The museum is located in a beautiful old mansion and is famous throughout Europe for its rich expositions with rare items. As early as the 19th century, artifacts and archaeological ancient finds were put into the base of the collections. Note that the complex was built on the finances of Aivazovsky. In modern exhibition halls you can see (in addition to archaeological exhibits) the most valuable documents and ethnographic materials.

Official website:

16 Money Museum

Sights of Feodosiya: Top 30

The 2nd exhibition hall in the Feodosiya Museum of Money Museum_of_money

In the expositions placed in seven departments, there are money from each state, in whose power the city has ever been. Also in the collections are modern banknotes from all over the world.

Official website:

17. Museum of Illusions

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

Experienced surfer riding giant waves at the Museum of Illusions

A visit to this unusual museum will be interesting for a person of any age. Guests are offered original 3D illusion images: you can ride a huge wave or feed a giraffe, look into the mouth of an alligator and take great photos.

Official website: http://shtrihkot .com

18. Good Genius Fountain

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

The fountain-monument to the “Good Genius” was erected in honor of I. K. Aivazovsky in the city of Feodosia Adafa2333

The date of construction of the first fountain with a bowl is 1980 (built in honor of Aivazovsky and his wife). For many years, the monument was destroyed, it was restored only in 2004, when bronze was cast in Nikopol.

19. Aivazovsky Fountain

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

The fountain was built in 1888 according to the project and at the expense of I. Aivazovsky in the park of Feodosia Mikepaul

The shape of the fountain is reminiscent of a lean-to pagoda: above the bowl of water you will see an exquisite building with a carved visor that extends beyond its main volume. It is especially pleasant to visit such sights in the hot season.

20. Place for kisses

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Road sign depicting a couple of lovers in Feodosia Vadim Indeikin

This is a road sign located on the Museum Square of the city. The sign depicts lovers. According to the “law”, seeing this sign, the couple should kiss. The kissing place also includes a bench for reconciliation.

Sights of Feodosia: what else to visit in Feodosia?

If you have already seen all those sights of Feodosia, photos with names and descriptions of which we now brought, take the time to visit such wonderful places as:

21. Nemo Dolphinarium

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

Entertaining shows with the participation of dolphins in the Dolphinarium Darkenrau

Visiting the local dolphinarium will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. You can watch performances with trained marine animals, as well as swim with dolphins and take pictures with them. The institution offers an unusual service – dolphin therapy (especially recommended for people with slow mental and physical development).

Official website:

22. The First City Beach

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Vacationers on the city beach of Feodosia V&A Dudush

Sandy 300-meter beach line with comfortable descents into the water. The city beach began to enjoy success also due to the flat and shallow bottom. For the convenience of guests, there are all the necessary facilities – sunbeds, umbrellas, outdoor cafes, etc. Recommended for families with children.

23. Kameshki Beach

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Large and medium pebbles polished by the sea to perfect smoothness on the beach

Kilometer-long beach line with a gentle entrance to the sea and a mixture of sand and tiny pebbles. On Kameshek Square there are many souvenir shops, cafes, rental shops, an entertainment center and attractions. The only relative disadvantage can be considered only a large number of tourists during the tourist season.

24. Golden Beach

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

Sandy beach and gentle warm sea on a summer vacation

The line, two dozen meters wide and three kilometers long, is dotted with recreation centers and hotels, souvenir shops, shops and cafes, and swimming areas. The best entertainment center of the city Beach club 117 is also located on the territory of the Golden Beach.

25. Monument to Alexander Pushkin

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

Bronze monument to A.S. Pushkin in Feodosia Pavel Balchev

Installed in 1974. The great Russian poet is cast in shining bronze: his face is turned towards the sea, and an elegant scarf adorns his neck.

26. Beach club 117

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

A popular nightlife spot for young people

The entertainment center consists of a restaurant, a bar open during the day, a nightclub and a private beach. In the evening you can drink cocktails and dance, during the day you can play volleyball, sunbathe and swim. All sorts of events are regularly organized: holidays with the participation of famous DJs and music concerts.

27. Aerostat Club

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

Flying in a big balloon

If you have long dreamed of flying in a hot air balloon, you have such an opportunity. The club has several sites and offers a variety of programs – group flights, individual tours, romantic adventures (in this case, the balloon has the shape of a heart).

Official website: http://www.

28. Ilyinsky Lighthouse

Feodosia Attractions: Top 30

Ilyinsky lighthouse (Feodosia lighthouse) on Cape St. Elijah on the southern coast of Crimea Kiyanka

The date of construction is the end of the 19th century. Formerly wooden, now it is a snow-white stone building, 15 meters high. The lighthouse is active, but its observation deck is open to tourists. If you want to take wonderful photos with views of the nature of Feodosia, you should definitely climb it.

29. Taigan Safari Park

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Lions in the safari park “Taigan” Andrey Velichko

The first safari park in Europe, whose inhabitants are lions. Currently, there are about seven dozen “residents” here, including quite peaceful cheetahs. A visit to the complex will give you unforgettable emotions, but it will take place in completely safe conditions.

Official website:

30. Karadag Nature Reserve and the Golden Gate

Sights of Feodosia: Top 30

Top view of the Golden Gates of the Karadag Reserve Tigro-kot

The whole family should go to the protected area. The territory of 3 hectares is located approximately 30 kilometers from the city. About 150 million years ago, a massive volcanic eruption formed the massif. Subsequently, a unique eco-system appeared on this massif, which is now carefully protected by the specialists of the reserve. The fauna is represented by all kinds of birds and animals, flora – 80 species of various plants. During the tour, visitors can walk along several eco-paths, and look at the rocks in the shape of the Dragon and the famous Golden Gate (arched rock is the hallmark of the attraction). The Museum of History operates on the territory of the Kara-Dag Reserve.

Official website:

We told you about the main attractions Feodosia briefly, and we hope that you will want to see them in person. Read also about the sights of Yalta and be inspired for a further journey through the Crimea.

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