Sights of Kyiv: Top-30

Kyiv Attractions: Top 30

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Do you want to arrange an unforgettable trip to the capital of Ukraine, but don't know what to see in Kyiv? Then read our review: its recommendations will tell you about the most fascinating and unusual sights in Kyiv.

What to see first in Kyiv?

Excursions in Kyiv are so numerous and varied that it is quite difficult to rank them. In our opinion, every tourist should see such sights of Kyiv as:

1. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is a revered Orthodox shrine

The legendary historical and architectural object of the city. The date of construction is 1051. The Lavra is famous for its unique churches, colorful towers and mysterious caves with the remains of saints. A trip here for a divine blessing is annually planned by thousands of believers.

Official website:

2. Sophia Cathedral

Kyiv Attractions: Top 30

Hagia Sophia in Kyiv – a Christian cathedral in the center of Kyiv

What to visit in Kyiv for fans of historical and religious masterpieces? This building of the 11th century, created in the Baroque style. The interior decoration is represented by wonderful mosaics and ancient frescoes, including the famous mosaic work of Our Lady of Oranta.

Official website: /

3. St. Volodymyr's Cathedral

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

Vladimir Cathedral is named after the Baptist of Russia, Grand Duke Vladimir Svyatoslavich

It took about 20 years to create a temple in the Byzantine style. The building with paintings by Ukrainian and Russian masters has eclectic forms and heavy proportions.

4. St. Nicholas Church

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

The facade of the St. Nicholas Church is made in the style of medieval Gothic

Few interesting places in Kyiv have such majestic architecture as this church with its original patterned decor. Inside the Roman Catholic Church is the House of Organ and Chamber Music.

5. St. Andrew's Church

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

St. Andrew's Church was designed by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli

​​A beautiful baroque Orthodox church. The building is made in the shape of a cross, with decorative turrets at each of the four corners, and a beautiful dome in the central part.

Official website: http://andriyivska-tserkva

Feel the atmosphere of Kyiv in this beautiful video!

6. Andreevsky Spusk

Kyiv Attractions: Top 30

The most convenient and shortest path (720 meters) connects the upper central part of Kyiv with Podol

Where to go in Kyiv in order to feel the spirit of the real capital of Ukraine? In this famous area with its many attractions: the One Street Museum, the Bulgakov Museum, Richard's Castle and St. Andrew's Church. The street is surrounded by green hills and is inhabited by merchants of handicrafts. Experienced guides in Kyiv recommend going here for souvenirs.

7. St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery

Sights of Kyiv: Top-30

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery was built in 1108-1113. Prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavich

The name of the temple was given in honor of its gilded dome. The current monastery building with 7 domes, built in 1999, replaced the ancient cathedral of 1108.

8. Richard's Castle – Lionheart

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

The house in the form of an old castle is located on Andreevsky Spusk, at the foot of Vozdikhalnitsy Mountain

The former owners of the Neo-Gothic castle of the 19th century were the Counts Orlovs. Many legends are associated with the building, one of which tells of evil spirits living here. Today, this centuries-old myth has been debunked: immured bottles were found in the walls – it was their necks that produced mysterious sounds similar to the howling of unearthly creatures.

9. House with chimeras

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

House with chimeras serves as the residence of the head of state

The building of the 20th century, original in its architecture (modern style). The interior and facade of the house are “guarded” by sculptures and images of the inhabitants of the underwater world, magical creatures and animals. If you are in the mood to explore this sight of Ukraine, purchase a ticket in advance. Tours of the internal halls are held on strictly defined days and hours.

Official website: http://infoportal.kiev

10. Khreshchatyk Street

Kyiv Attractions: Top 30

Wide and fairly short central street of the city Alina V ozna

The main pedestrian street of the city, 1.3 kilometers long. It is famous for the fact that at one time Prince Vladimir was baptized nearby. Today it hosts the most significant events and public holidays.

Official website:

11. Landscape alley

Kyiv Attractions: Top 30

Tree of Life on Landscape Alley Elena Zarubina

Opening date – 2009. The alley is a landscaped and landscaped recreation area for citizens and guests of the capital. There are funny sculptural compositions, benches and a square for children.

12. Taras Shevchenko Opera House

Kyiv Attractions: Top 30

The National Opera House of Ukraine is a real architectural decoration of Kyiv

It was erected instead of the former Kiev theater, destroyed by fire. Such famous ballet and opera artists as Chaliapin, Gmyrya, Gaidai sang and danced on the stage. This place is often included in the lists of “the best sights of Kyiv” also due to the fact that Stolypin was assassinated here more than 100 years ago.

Official website:

13. Building of the National Bank of Ukraine

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

The building of the National Bank of Ukraine is located in Pechora Lipki area

The building in the Venetian style is called one of the most majestic and beautiful in the country. The magnificent facade of the bank has remained unchanged since its construction in 1905. Periodically, it is only updated.

14. Kyiv National University

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

The Red building is the oldest building of the Kiev National University

The building of saturated red color – the main building, cannot be overlooked. It was built in the 19th century in the spirit of Russian classicism. Inside the university there are museums of history, faculties and administration.

15. Sofia Square

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

Panorama of Sofia Square

What to see in Kyiv in 1 day? This square with its stone bell tower of the early 18th century and the sculpture of Bogdan Khmelnitsky on horseback. The central and ancient part of the city, considered its heart.

16. Maidan Nezalezhnosti

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

Maidan Nezalezhnosti – the central square of Ukraine

Recent sad events have brought this place a sad glory. Protests, rallies and public holidays of the people of Kiev are held here to this day. The main attraction of the square is the Independence Stele. A cascade of water flows from the foot of the huge monument. On the right side of the monument you will see Dandelion – a unique fountain that splashes splashes with any breath of wind. On the left side there is one original fountain, equipped in honor of the founders of the city. Within walking distance there is the Globus shopping center, the main post office, the people's center of culture and the capital's conservatory.

17. Kontraktova Square

Kyiv Attractions: Top 30

Monument to Hetman Petro Sahaydachny on Kontraktova Square Alexostrov

For a long time, contract fairs were held on this square – this gave the name of the attraction. Arriving here, you can see the Samson fountain, the Kiev Mohyla Academy, the temple, the contact house and the guest house of the 19th century. Tourist reviews about visiting Contract Square are always enthusiastic and positive.

18. National Museum of the History of Ukraine

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

National Museum of the History of Ukraine Voevoda

The largest historical house-museum of the state. The collections include over 800,000 items, including unique exhibits of ancient times: archaeological artifacts, numismatic objects, weapons, etc.

Official website: https://nmiu .com.

19. Bulgakov Museum

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov on Andreevsky Spusk in Kyiv Serguei S. Dukachev

The building is equipped on Andreevsky Spusk. Bulgakov and his family lived here until 1919. Exhibitions began to be held here at the end of the 20th century: they were based on the private collections of Konchakovsky (the first head of the house-museum).

Official website:

20. Water Museum (Water Information Center)

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

Museum of Water (Water Information Center) in the building of the former water tower

Describing the main attractions of Kyiv briefly, not a single guide or resident of Kiev will leave this unique museum unattended. The water information center has been located underground in an old water tower for more than 15 years. Its design includes a reservoir for 1,350,000 liters of liquid, as well as several 20-meter water towers.

In order to get acquainted with the collections of the original museum, you need to go underground in an elevator. All exhibits and expositions are related to the water resources of Ukraine, water treatment technologies and the earth's hydrosphere. There is a special playground for children, where you can create your own channel in the sand. The most visited attraction of the center are “soap bubbles”. Buy a ticket to the museum and you can find yourself inside a huge soap ball.

Sights of Kyiv: what else to visit in Kyiv?

We told only about a small part of the sights and interesting places of the capital. If you have free time, be sure to visit these places:

21. Mariinsky Palace

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

An architectural monument of the mid-18th century designed by architect B. Rastrelli

Even the most modern hotels in Kyiv are not able to compare in their beauty with this architectural monument. The baroque palace building is located on the right bank of the Dnieper. Inside the chic halls you can see the residence of the President of the country. State celebrations and receptions of the most important persons of the world are also organized here. The palace was built at the direction of Empress Elizabeth in 1744.

Official website:

22. Pirogovo Open Air Museum< /h3>

Kyiv Attractions: Top 30

Exhibits in the Pirogovo open-air museum

On an area of ​​more than 130 hectares in the fresh air is a museum that tells about Ukrainian architecture, folk culture and traditions. The territory is built up with 275 buildings of the 16th-20th centuries. The information necessary for the construction of historically correct ancient rural houses and other objects of the settlement was taken from documentary sources. In Pirogovo there are not only the buildings themselves, but also various exhibits: antique furniture, dishes made of wood and clay, folk clothes.

23. Kyiv Fortress

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

Cannons on the shaft the second polygon of the Hospital Fortification of the Kiev Fortress

The fortress complex is also located on the right bank of the Dnieper. It includes administrative buildings, citadels, earthen fortifications. The approximate date of construction of the object is the 5th century. In the 13th century, the buildings were almost completely destroyed, but the country's authorities allocated considerable funds for their reconstruction. The complex is of great historical importance.

24. Golden Gates

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

The Golden Gate is the oldest surviving fortification in Russia

A monument of history, defense architecture and architecture, which came to us from the reign of Yaroslav the Wise. In previous centuries, the building was a giant fortress with an extensive passage. Now, in order to give a correct assessment of the scale of the building, it is necessary to visit it personally. Temporary and permanent exhibitions are open inside the building.

Official website:

25. Motherland

< p>Kyiv Attractions: Top 30

Monumental sculpture Motherland against the backdrop of the urban landscape

A majestic monument created in 1981 on the right bank of the Dnieper River. The monument glorifies the heroes of the Second World War. A giant sculpture rises in the middle of a wonderful park area. Arriving here, you can get acquainted with historical exhibits telling about the events of the Great Patriotic War.

26. Babi Yar

Kyiv Attractions: Top 30

Monument to the victims of Babi Yar Jennifer Boyer

The name of the ravine in which during the Second World War the Germans shot the population of Kyiv (mass murder). In a short time, several tens of thousands of citizens died here and were buried in common graves (the number of those killed exceeds 100,000 inhabitants). Now memorials have been erected on the square of the ravine in memory of the victims of Nazi lawlessness.

27. Botanical Garden named after N.N. Grishko

Attractions Kyiv: Top-30

A picturesque corner in the botanical garden named after N.N. Grishko

In the greenhouse of the botanical garden, ideal conditions have been created for the growth of many exotic flowers and plants – they are brought here from various parts of the Earth. The total area

of the complex is about 130 hectares: in a huge arboretum you can see roses, irises, magnolias and other “inhabitants”. Also on the square is the Holy Trinity Ionian Church. The garden belongs to the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences.

Official website:

28. Volodymyrska Gorka Park

Kyiv Attractions: Top 30

Vladimirskaya Gorka City Park on Mikhailovskaya Hill Nick Grapsy

The most picturesque and ancient park of the capital, equipped in the 19th century. Here is a monument to Vladimir the Great (this gave the name of the attraction). In addition to this monument, you can find how many other sculptures by Ukrainian masters. The area of ​​Vladimirskaya Gorka is 17 hectares. It is famous for its historical monuments, beautiful landscape views and majestic architecture. In addition, a funicular operates here: buy a ticket for a trip and you will see all the landscapes of Kyiv at a time.

Official website: http://infoportal.kiev.

29. Kyiv funicular

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

Car of the Kiev funicular

If you want to quickly go up or down the steep Vladimirskaya Gorka, use this rare mode of transport. The date of its construction and reconstruction is 1903 and 1929, respectively. The length of the current route is more than 220 meters, the path runs at an incline of 18-20 degrees. From the starting point “A” to the end point “B” you can go down or up on the funicular in three minutes. The difference between the lower and upper stations is 75 meters. Each trailer can carry up to 100 passengers. However, the number of seats is limited to only three dozen. You should not be afraid of traveling by funicular – the structure is subject to timely repairs and regular technical inspection.

30. Hydropark

Sights of Kyiv: Top 30

Vacationers on the beach in Maksym Kozlenko Hydropark

Those who love water and everything connected with it should visit the hydropark in Kyiv. The facility is located on an area of ​​365 hectares (on several islands). The complex on the banks of the Rusanovsky Strait and the Dnieper includes: a town with exercise equipment, many cafes and restaurants, nightclubs and extreme attractions, sports grounds and endless beach lines with sun loungers and umbrellas (a number of beaches are free). The islands are connected by a 144-meter Venetian bridge. The park opens for everyone in May (during the winter months the complex “falls asleep”). One of its own attractions is the Mini-Kyiv Museum – all the significant objects of the capital have been created on a scale of 1 to 33 – city bridges, the Dnieper, the airport, St. Nicholas Church and Independence Square.

Official website:

We hope that our sights of Kyiv, photos with names and descriptions of which you have just seen, will arouse genuine interest in you. It is worth seeing them personally for every guest of the capital. Read also about the sights of Lviv and be inspired to travel further around Ukraine.

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