Sights of Minsk: Top-30

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

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After reading our review of “the best sights in Minsk”, you will certainly want to organize a trip to this hospitable city. We will tell you about what every tourist should see in Minsk, focusing on the recommendations of experienced guides.

What to see first in Minsk

If you want your trip to be truly exciting and informative, pay attention to the following popular excursions in Minsk:

1. Upper City

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

Architecture of the Upper City Alexander Lipilin

In this historical part of the city there are such sights of Minsk as the Gostiny Dvor, the Minsk Theater, the Church of St. Joseph, Musical Lane and Freedom Square. Of interest are local buildings and structures of the 16th-18th centuries, which allow you to get acquainted with the architectural and cultural heritage of the state. The Upper City can be confidently included in the rating of “the most famous sights of Belarus“.

Official website: http://pedestrian.

2. Minsk City Hall< /h3>

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Minsk City Hall (left) and the Cathedral of the Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the High Market in Minsk

An object from the beginning of the 17th century, completely restored by the efforts of Belarusian craftsmen. On the first floor of the building today there are exhibitions of the museum, on the second level solemn meetings and meetings of distinguished guests are held. Near the town hall there is a renovated square with alleys, benches, hiking trails and poplars. As well as the original sculpture “The Governor's Carriage”.

Official website: http://minskmuseum.

3. Obelisk “Hero City”

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

Architectural and sculptural complex on Pobediteley Avenue in Minsk

If you don't know where to go in Minsk to learn more about the history of the city and the country, go here. At the foot of the stele you will see a marble board and a statue of the Motherland with fanfares in their hands. Not far from the monument is the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War.

4. Victory Square

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

Victory Square surrounded by buildings of the 1950s

The date of construction is the beginning of the 20th century, the main attractions are the Eternal Flame and the granite Victory Monument with high reliefs in honor of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Many residents and guests of the capital come here every day to honor the memory of those who died in the Second World War with a minute of silence.

Official website:

5. House of the Government of the Republic of Belarus

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

The House of the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the monument to V. I. Lenin on Independence Square Nuno Godinho

The meeting place of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Parliament of Belarus. Date of creation – 1934 (at first, the majestic building was the tallest building in the city). The main decoration of the house is an old star-shaped chandelier weighing 5 tons.

Be sure to watch this beautiful video about Minsk!

6. Palace of the Republic

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

The Palace of the Republic is a cultural and business center on October Square in Minsk

Another historical and architectural attraction, on the square of which the annual main Christmas tree of the country, press conferences, shows and festivals are organized. In front of the building there is a pyramid-monument made of granite – from the “Zero Kilometer” the distance of all paths of Belarus is counted.

Official website: http://www.palace.

< h3> 7. National Library of Belarus

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

A futuristic building of the library resembling a precious stone in a park area

More than 200 enterprises and more than 5 thousand employees worked on the creation of the complex around the clock. The building is an enchanting monument of architecture, including, among others, an observation deck on level 23. You can visit it, for example, during one of the thematic tours held here daily.

Official website: https://www.nlb.

8 Pishchalovsky Castle

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

Pishchalovsky Castle – a historical and architectural monument of the early 19th century Alexander Lipilin

A place of imprisonment for a huge number of musicians, philosophers, artists, poets and revolutionaries. However, ordinary criminals were kept in the building of the famous city prison in the style of “early classicism”. Inspection of this attraction of Minsk is possible only from afar, because. the architectural masterpiece is still used as a prison.

9. Gates of Minsk

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

View from the station to the recognizable symbol of the city – the Gates of Minsk

The building is in the Stalinist Empire style, represented by several identical 11-story towers. You can notice such interesting places in Minsk from afar: there are sculptural compositions, coats of arms of the Soviet Union and huge clock faces on the buildings on Station Square.

Official website: https://ru.wikipedia. org/

10. Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

Archcathedral Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Catholic Cathedral of the early 18th century Hanna Zelenko

During the Great Patriotic War, the complex was almost completely destroyed. In the future, it underwent a complete reconstruction, becoming the site for the sports society “Spartak”. Only 18 years ago, it was decided to return the temple to its original appearance, and to transfer the building itself to believers. Today it is the main cathedral for Catholics in the city. The Vilna Baroque building is decorated with figures of saints and luxurious frescoes.

Official website:

< h3> 11. Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul against the backdrop of the city landscape

Listing the best sights of Minsk, one cannot fail to mention this old restored church. The cathedral with magnificent vaults and beautiful frescoes, an ancient painted altar and many icons is open to everyone.

Official website:http://spp.khram.bel/

12. Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

The Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit rises steeply above Freedom Square

At one time, the church housed a transit prison, a women's church of the Bernardines, and even a sports club. The modern baroque building is used for its intended purpose. Among the shrines kept is the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. The cathedral attracts the attention of not only believers, but also “ordinary” tourists who want to look at its original iconostasis.

Official website:

13. Red Church

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

Side view of the Red Church on Independence Square

Another popular and famous Catholic cathedral in the city. The asymmetric basilica with a 50-meter bell tower was built of red brick in the Neo-Romanesque style. In front of the building is a monument to St. Michael, slaying the dragon with his spear. As well as a statue in honor of those who died from nuclear strikes, the “Bell of Nagasaki”.

Official website:

14. Monastery Bernardines

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Church of St. Joseph in the former Bernardine monastery zedlik

Initially, the temple was decorated with 9 gilded altars, paintings and carvings. It had its own library and school. However, subsequently the decoration and holy burials were destroyed, and the monastery was closed. Only in 1983, the city authorities carried out the restoration of the complex, placing the prosecutor's office and military archives in it. Currently, the building houses the Monastyrskaya Hotel, the rooms of which were converted from former cells. Few hotels in Minsk can boast such an unusual history.

15. Island of Tears (Island of Courage and Sorrow)

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

Top view of the memorial complex Island of Tears in the bend of the Svisloch River

The memorial, equipped in memory of those killed in the Afghan war. There is a beautiful chapel on the artificial island, the walls of which contain the names of all the citizens of Belarus who died in Afghanistan. The shore and the island are connected by an arched bridge.

16. Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

Water cascade near the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater in Minsk

Don't know what to visit in Minsk, but are fond of theatrical and musical performances? Then come to this national opera house. It regularly hosts performances by the Belarusian Chapel, a children's theater studio, a choir, a symphony orchestra, ballet and opera troupes. Some of the productions are in a foreign dialect, the other is in the state languages ​​of the republic, Russian and Belarusian. Viewing the building itself and its alley with beautiful sculptural compositions can bring pleasure.

Official website:

17. Yanka Kupala Theatre

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

The Yanka Kupala Theater is one of the oldest Belarusian theaters Liashko

The ancient theater, opened more than 95 years ago, and named in memory of the poet and classic Kupala. In walking distance there is a large landscaped and landscaped square of the 19th century. A favorite place for recreation in all seasons of the city.

Official website:

18. National Art Museum< /h3>

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

The main building of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus Paju

One of the largest exhibition complexes in Europe. The number of items in the spacious exhibition halls and more than 20 expositions exceeds 27,000 samples. There are exhibits that tell about the world and Belarusian culture.

Official website: http://www.artmuseum.

19. National Historical Museum

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Muslim women's jewelry of the late 19th century at the National Historical Museum Hanna Zelenko

The best option for what to see in Minsk in 1 day for connoisseurs of history and art. Exhibits – books, historical archives, folk art, icons, ceramics, archaeological artifacts.

Official website: http://www.histmuseum

20 Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Exhibit at the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War Clay Gilliland

The building contains over 140,000 items that are relics of the Second World War. In 10 rooms, all exhibitions are arranged according to the chronology of events. The interior is just as big and impressive as the exterior. The facades of the building are made in the form of rays with relief images in honor of the Great Victory.

Official website: http://www.warmuseum

Minsk sights: what else to visit in Minsk?

We told you briefly about the main sights of Minsk. Reviews of tourists point to them as the most fascinating and significant objects of the capital. If your trip is long enough, see also such cultural values ​​as:

21. Khatyn Memorial

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Statue of the Khatyn Complex – Invincible Man Adam Jones

This is a modest village that was burnt down by the German invaders, and on the territory of which there is now a complex with a monument to the Invincible Man. In addition to the “Smoke of Khatyn” memorial itself, the “Wall of Memory”, “Village of Life” and “Cemetery of Villages” are equipped here.

Official website:

22. House Museum of the First Congress of the RSDLP

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Small wooden building – house-museum of the I Congress of the RSDLP Pjotr ​​Mahhonin

A small house where the first meeting of future Bolsheviks was held in 1898. During the Great Patriotic War, the building was destroyed, but later, at the direction of Stalin, it was reconstructed. The museum houses the archives of the party, newspapers and documents. The interior quite accurately conveys the atmosphere of the 19th century.

Official website: http://domusmuseum.histmuseum

23. Chelyuskintsev Park

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Chelyuskintsev Park – a city park for walking and recreation DEM0NICK

A public park with a dance floor, a summer stage, recreational areas, playgrounds for children and attractions. The last reconstruction was carried out in 2000: the old attractions and entertainment facilities were completely replaced with new and modern ones.

Official website:

24. Central Children's Park. Maxim Gorky

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Educational observatory in the Central Children's Park. Maxim Gorky Hanna Zelenko

Public park area, the date of foundation of which is considered to be 1805. Initially, the park was the governor's garden, and only “noble citizens” could visit it. Later, a stadium, lawns for playing croquet and tennis courts were equipped here. Today, the park is open to all comers, and has been converted to entertain children of various ages.

Official website:

25. Minsk Zoo

Sights of Minsk: Top 30

Entrance to the Minsk Zoo Håkan Henriksson

Guides in Minsk recommend visiting the local zoo for tourists with children. The life of animals in spacious enclosures and cages can be observed with maximum convenience. There are restrooms and cafes on the territory, there are several recreation areas. Lectures and tours are available for guests of all ages. It is possible to visit during the days of various children's holidays. The area includes a monkey house, stone “palaces” for lions, a dolphinarium. The number of inhabitants exceeds 2,500 units from orders of reptiles, primates, mammals, vivariums, birds, etc.

Official website:

26. Loshitsky Park

Sights of Minsk: Top-30

View of the Loshitsky manor and park complex Yaroshev Yuryy

A cultural and architectural monument spread over an area of ​​97 hectares. The manor and park complex is open to the public: here you can visit museums with interiors of the 18th and 19th centuries, the Gatekeeper's House and a children's playground. City festivals and celebrations are organized on the territory.

Official website:

27. Boulder Museum

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Park-museum of stones in the open air on the eastern outskirts of Minsk Hanna Zelenko

This outdoor museum boasts some rather unorthodox collections. Its exhibits are more than 2,000 stones of various types and shapes (collected over 5 years). The local stone map provides invaluable knowledge in the field of geography of the state: settlements and cities are presented as giant boulders, and, for example, the country's borders are represented by bushes and river paths.

28. Trinity Suburb

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Trinity Suburb – a picturesque old quarter on the banks of the Svisloch River Guntars Mednis

The development of the territory began in the 12th century. Modest houses with roofs of different colors were erected around the market square. The modern suburb is quiet streets with antique shops, art galleries, small shops and the Opera House on Troitskaya Hill.

29. Dudutka Ethnographic Museum

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Museum of Old Folk Crafts and Technologies – Dudutki JERRYE AND ROY KLOTZ MD

The object tells about the rural heritage and culture of the state. On the territory of the museum complex, the atmosphere of a village of the 19th century is recreated: there is a barnyard, several machines of the past centuries, devices for brewing moonshine, handicrafts, a kitchen, workshops for the production of cheese and pottery, houses made of wood. Guests are invited to taste moonshine brewed according to an old recipe, try blacksmiths as apprentices and bake bread. The inhabitants of Dudutka are not only people, but also all kinds of living creatures of a modest zoo: ostriches, ponies and roe deer. Ducks and geese, peacocks and pheasants also walk along the farms. As well as more familiar animals, such as pigs and sheep.

Official website: http://www.dudutki

30. Mir Castle

Minsk Attractions: Top 30

Modern view of the Mir castle-museum in the park

In the town called Mir there is a beautiful castle, presumably built in the 16th century. The complex includes a cafe, a hotel, several conference rooms and a museum. Scientific meetings, concerts and festivals are regularly held here. You can book a wedding celebration in the castle. The interior decoration is represented by paintings, installations and even ancient armor. There are several permanent exhibitions that are informative for tourists of any age.

Official website:

We hope that those sights of Minsk , photos with the names and descriptions of which you have just seen, will allow you to create your own interesting excursion route. Read also about the sights of Brest and get inspired for your next trip to Thailand.

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