Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

St. Petersburg Landmarks: Top 31 Best (PHOTOS)

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If you don't know what to see in St. Petersburg, but are already planning a trip to the northern capital of Russia, carefully study our review. We will tell you about the most entertaining sights of St. Petersburg, which every tourist should see.

What to see in St. Petersburg first of all?

When compiling our rating of “interesting places in St. Petersburg”, we took into account the reviews of travelers and the recommendations of experienced St. Petersburg guides. According to them, the best excursions in St. Petersburg are as follows:

1. The Bronze Horseman

St. Petersburg attractions: Top 31 best (PHOTOS)

Monument to Emperor Peter I (the Bronze Horseman) on Senate Square in St. Petersburg

A monument erected in honor of Peter the Great, who became the founder of St. Petersburg. The monument represents the tsar in the role of a patron, stretching his right hand over Russia. Such sights of St. Petersburg can be confidently called the main symbols of the city and its rich history.

2. The State Hermitage

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTOS)

The Winter Palace on Palace Square – the main building of the State Hermitage

Speaking about what you should definitely visit in St. Petersburg, you should not forget about this largest museum complex on Earth. It includes a theater, several palaces, the main headquarters and the Great Hermitage. In addition to the traditional inspection of the exhibits, guests are offered individual excursion support: guides in St. Petersburg conduct a tour of the complex, tailored to the wishes and interests of tourists.

Official website: http://hermitagemuseum.

3. Palace Square

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 of the best (PHOTOS)

Palace Square: the General Staff building and the Alexander Column, the State Hermitage Museum

The area is rich in its own attractions, including the Hermitage and the Winter Palace. There is also a building of the Guards Headquarters, decorated with majestic arches, and a giant granite Alexandrian column with an angel on top. On the column are bas-reliefs depicting world allegories and military armor. Your trip to the northern capital of Russia will not be complete without visiting this central square of the metropolis.

4. Nevsky Prospekt

St. Petersburg attractions: Top 31 best (PHOTOS)

View of Nevsky Prospekt Florstein

Petersburg Nevsky Prospekt can be compared with Moscow's Old Arbat. On the most famous street there are cafes and shops, temples and monasteries, tenement houses and ancient palace buildings. It is here that you can buy a painting, drink a cup of coffee, calmly watching the numerous vacationers, or listen to street musicians. The spirit of the past is harmoniously combined here with the rhythm of modern life.

5. Cruiser “Aurora”

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 of the best (PHOTOS)

Modern view of the cruiser “Aurora” near the Petrograd embankment World Wars. At one time, the ship served as a base for cadets to study, but now it is a museum with half a thousand samples of various eras. In addition to the permanent ones, you can see temporary exhibitions.

Official website: http://www.navalmuseum

Be sure to watch this beautiful video about St. Petersburg!

6. House of Peter the Great

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

The fence of the museum “Peter I's House” User:Yanachka

We included this object in the list of “the best sights of St. Petersburg” because the date of its construction is similar to the date of the creation of St. Petersburg itself. The building has a rather unusual appearance, and is part of the Russian Museum complex. Buy a ticket and you will be able to look at the 18th century model of Trinity Square and things that once belonged to Peter the Great himself.

Official website: http://www. rusmuseum.

7. Main Admiralty building

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 of the best (PHOTO)

Alley of the Alexander Garden in front of the building of the main Admiralty Florstein

A majestic landmark on the river bank, built in the Russian Empire style. The spire of the building is decorated with a figure of a ship. In previous years, there was a fortress here that protected the shipyard during the days of battles. 6 years ago, it was decided to place the headquarters of the Russian Navy in the Admiralty.

Official website: http://nevsky-prospekt.

8. Peter and Paul Fortress

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

View of the Peter and Paul Fortress from the helicopter Godot13

The hexagonal fortress from which the history of St. Petersburg began. Today, a historical museum is open here (among other exhibits is the tomb of members of the Romanov family), there are also several houses, a prison, a bastion and a cathedral in the complex. If you do not know what to see in St. Petersburg in 1 day, but are passionate about the history of Russia, come here.

Official website: https://www.spbmuseum

9. Kunstkamera

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTOS)

Kunstkamera – Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography. Peter the Great on the Neva

An ancient and truly unusual museum of the northern capital, opened at the direction of Peter the Great in 1714. The presented exhibits were created both by human efforts and by the efforts of nature. The idea of ​​opening the complex came to the king after he saw a tree in the trunk of which another tree was growing. The objects of the Kunstkamera are examples of various deformities. Among the first objects are several living creatures (Lilliputians, giants, etc.).

Official website:

10. Spit of Vasilyevsky Island

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

Panorama of the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island A.Savin

The area where the Neva River is divided in two by Vasilyevsky Island. There are a large number of buildings in different styles and different times. These are museums in the open air, among the exhibits of which, for example, are brown-red Rostral columns decorated with ship prows.

11. St. Isaac's Cathedral

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 of the best (PHOTO)

The main Orthodox Cathedral of St. Petersburg on St. Isaac's Square

A luxurious 102-meter building on the square of the same name, which is both a museum and an architectural masterpiece , and an Orthodox monastery at the same time. The facade is decorated with bas-reliefs, sculptural compositions and columns made of granite. The interior decoration is famous for its magnificent carvings, stained glass windows and mosaics.

Official website:

12. Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top-31 best (PHOTOS)

View of the Savior on Spilled Blood from the embankment of the Griboyedov Canal Je-str

The memorial complex, erected in memory of the mortal wound of Alexander II (the assassination attempt took place on the square of the current location of the temple in 1881). The complex is both a museum and a place for church services.

Official website: http://www.cathedral.

13. Kazan Cathedral< /h3>

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

View of the Kazan Cathedral from Nevsky Prospekt

Despite the fact that the construction of the building (in 1801) began after the death of Emperor Paul, the idea of ​​building the cathedral belongs to him. Near the walls is the burial place of Kutuzov. The cathedral is of great architectural and historical importance. Among the main features of the interior decoration are 56 marble Corinthian columns.

Official website:

14. Nikolsky Naval Cathedral

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

View from the west on St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral in St. Petersburg Florstein

The building of the 18th century, which houses the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, as well as some of his relics. The name of the object is not accidental – to this day church services are held here in memory of the dead sailors. Since the 19th century, a charitable society has been opened in the building with a hospital, an educational institution and a shelter for women.

Official website:

< h3> 15. Alexander Nevsky Lavra

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTOS)

The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra is an Orthodox male monastery in the park Godot13

The central object of the northern capital, erected by order of Peter the Great. Later, the relics of Alexander Nevsky were kept in the Lavra. Of interest are both local necropolises (including the burial places of Dostoevsky, Lomonosov, Krylov and many other famous figures of art and culture), as well as the facade with the interior of the church.

Official website: http ://

16. Smolny Monastery

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

Ensemble of the Smolny Monastery on the banks of the Neva Priest Maxim Massalitin

The construction of the object lasted for almost 90 years. He was interrupted by battles and lack of money. Services are still not held in the main building. In 1990, a concert hall was equipped here. A visit to this monastery is recommended for lovers of architectural monuments.

Official website:

17. Alexandrinsky Theater

< p>Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

The main facade of the theater faces Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg Florstein

The Empire style building was included in the UNESCO list. Guests are invited to view the interior and facade of the famous building. As well as visiting local performances and performances.

Official website:

18. Mariinsky Theater

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTOS)

Mariinsky Theater on Theater Square in St. Petersburg A.Savin

One of the most famous ballet and opera scenes in our country. At one time, such legends as Nureyev, Chaliapin and Petrov performed here. World famous stars still give their concerts here. The theater is also famous for its luxurious interiors of the mid-20th century.

Official website:

19. Singer House

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top-31 best (PHOTO)A 7-storey Art Nouveau building, originally conceived as an office for the American concern Singer. Now there is a bookstore here, and evenings for fans of literature are regularly held.

Official website:

20. State Russian Museum

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

Exposition of paintings by I. Aivazovsky in the hall of the Russian Museum Evgeny So

Don't know where to go in St. Petersburg, but are you interested in Russian culture? Then confidently buy a ticket to this museum: you can see more than 400,000 pieces of art. Including ancient icons preserved from ancient Russian times. In addition to paintings, the expositions include all kinds of items of folk crafts.

Official website:

Sights of St. Petersburg: what to visit in St. Petersburg?

We told you about the main attractions of St. Petersburg briefly. In addition to them, the following objects deserve your attention:

21. Palace Bridge

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTOS)

Palace bridge drawn at night

A cast-iron construction of a movable type, which is a true symbol of the northern capital, and created back in 1916 (it has been reconstructed more than once). Included in all ratings of “the best sights of Russia.” The bridge connects the center of the metropolis and Vasilyevsky Island, stretching over the Neva. The mass of the grand structure is about 7 hundred tons.

22. Summer Garden

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

Autumn morning in the old park “Summer Garden” in St. Petersburg

If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, come to the Kutuzov embankment in the “heart” of the city. You can take wonderful photos, enjoy the clean air, the view of fountains, sculptures and alleys. Not so long ago, a large-scale reconstruction was carried out on the territory, thanks to which the 19th century greenhouse was restored, new trees were planted, and architectural objects were updated. You should also allocate at least one day for a walk in the Summer Garden.

Official website:

23. Peterhof< /h3>

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

The Grand Cascade and the Grand Palace of Peterhof Florstein

On a vast territory of more than 2.5 thousand acres, there are over a dozen picturesque landscaped parks and approximately two hundred delightful cascading fountains. The museum and park complex is located 30 km. from Peter's line, and is open to everyone at any time of the year. It is especially recommended to visit it during the summer months: fountain shows, balls, musical events and various festivals are regularly organized here.

Official website:

24. Great Catherine Palace – Pushkin

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 of the best (PHOTOS)

The Great Catherine Palace and Florstein Park in Tsarskoye Selo

The first construction of the palace complex in the vicinity of St. Petersburg appeared in the 18th century. All buildings were equipped in the classical baroque style. As for the luxurious interior decoration, the Rococo style was chosen for it.

Official website:

25. Museum -Pavlovsk Nature Reserve

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

Monument to Paul I on the square near the Pavlovsk Palace in Pavlovsk

A chic palace and park complex, which was built on the orders of Paul the First and his wife. On the territory there is a functioning temple, many sculptural groups, bridges, pavilions and landscape areas. It often takes vacationers a whole day to inspect the square and its natural exhibits. If you wish, you can rent an electric car, a boat or a bicycle here.

Official website:

26. Kronstadt

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Kronstadt Florstein

A separate town located on an island in the Gulf of Finland. Over the 300-year history, 17 fortifications were erected here, which are necessary to protect the port. Modern Kronstadt is a place of repair of sea vessels, historical monuments (included in the list of UNESCO sites) and a commercial port. Book a sea excursion and you will be able to observe the remains of the ruined fortresses.

27. Lions of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg attractions: Top 31 best (PHOTOS)

Sculptures of winged lions on cast-iron pedestals at the entrances to the Bank Bridge in St. Petersburg

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best sights (PHOTOS)

The Lion's Bridge across the Griboyedov Canal opposite Malaya Podyacheskaya Ekaterina Street Borisova

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 of the best (PHOTO)

Fence of A. A. Bezborodko's dacha with sculptures of twenty-nine lions in St. Petersburg Vetra

The northern capital is filled with sphinxes and lions in stone, gypsum and the most diverse metal – from copper to cast iron, it is simply impossible to count them all in the city. By the time of appearance, they are also diverse – from our time to the beginning of the 18th century. The fashion for decorating squares, parks and buildings with the figures of these animals was started by Peter. It should be noted that today many modern hotels and cafes, shops and salons also decorate their interiors and exteriors with sculptures of lions, believing that these animals will protect against problems and will support the well-being of the institution.

Official website: https://www.spb-guide

28. Rooftops of St. Petersburg

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTOS)

View from above on the old part of the city of St. Petersburg

If you want to make the most unusual excursion in St. Petersburg, hire a guide who will take you on the roofs of St. Petersburg. On the walk you will learn many fascinating stories about the life of the metropolis. Under your feet will be residential high-rise buildings, restaurants, and the best hotels in St. Petersburg. It is not safe to travel on rooftops alone – it is not safe.

29. Neva River

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTOS)

The Neva River – the main waterway of St. Petersburg Dezidor

The main waterway of the metropolis, and one of the largest rivers in our country. You should come here for leisurely walks and watching the views of St. Petersburg. In addition, it is best to watch bridges being raised from the Neva banks at night.

30. White Nights

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTO)

The Scarlet Sails holiday in St. Petersburg is held during the white nights Orion-art

A unique phenomenon of nature, which can be seen in Russia only in the northern cities. In June-July, the dark time of the day lasts only a few hours, the sun hardly sets. Residents and guests of St. Petersburg relax in cafes and walk through the streets day and night long. Note that it is during the white nights that the largest number of travelers come to the city – you should plan your vacation in advance. Otherwise, you can simply not find a free room in an inexpensive hotel.

31. Leningrad Zoo

Sights of St. Petersburg: Top 31 best (PHOTOS)< /p> View of the Exotarium pavilion at the Peterburg Zoo from Kronverksky Prospekt23

A state menagerie with modest dimensions but a rich history. On an area of ​​just over 7 hectares, there are approximately 600 species of representatives of invertebrates, fish, birds and mammals. The whole family should come here.

Official website:

We hope that those sights of St. photos with the names and descriptions of which you just saw aroused your interest. You should definitely look at them in person. Read also about the sights of Moscow and be inspired to travel further around Russia.

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