Sights of Tver: Top-30

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Our review was created for those who do not know what to see in Tver, but have already decided to make an exciting journey to this wonderful city. We have collected the best sights of Tver for you in one rating, taking into account the recommendations and reviews of experienced tourists and guides.

What to see in Tver in the first place?

You can list all the interesting places in Tver it would be infinitely long. If your trip is not so long, be sure to visit:

1. Singing Fountain

Tver Attractions: Top 30

The Singing Fountain in the Evening on Komsomolskaya Square in Tver Mikhail Sukov

Beautiful sounds of symphonic compositions flow from the bowl of the light and music structure, jets of various colors and shades rush up to 15 meters. The diameter of the bowl is 14 meters. Every tourist should look at the incredible water show: such sights of Russia are unforgettable.

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2. Afanasy Nikitin Embankment

Sights of Tver Tver: Top 30

The Afanasy Nikitin embankment stretches along the left bank of the Volga Ghirla

On the embankment you will see a monument to the great Tver traveler A. Nikitin. The length of the scenic area is 2.5 km. After the reconstruction, the New Bridge was built here and the River Station was opened. If you don't know what to visit in Tver, but want to spend your day admiring the beauties of nature and architectural masterpieces, come here.

3. Stepan Razin Embankment

Tver Attractions: Top 30< /p> View of the Volga from the Stepan Razin embankment in the center of Tver DmitrySimonov

One of the most colorful and peaceful places in the city. The embankment with paved paths, located along the coast, is excellent for walking to the City Garden and the travel palace.

4. Trekhsvyatskaya street

Sights of Tver: Top 30

Tryokhsvyatskaya street is a popular place for recreation and folk festivals for residents Tver Stoljaroff

The main pedestrian route of the city, created in the 18th century. Many excursions in Tver start from here. If you want to watch the performances of street musicians, visit all kinds of souvenir shops and cafes, come and come here. Note that Tver hotels of various star ratings are located right there.

5. River Station

Sights of Tver: Top 30

View from the Volga to the Tverskoy river station on the Afanasy Nikitin embankment DmitrySimonov

Our list of “best sights in Tver” would be incomplete without this colorful 1938 building. The facade part of the building reminds of an ancient graceful temple and an architectural object in the brilliant Stalinist Empire style at the same time. The roof is decorated with a belvedere with a high spire. Several tiers of the round house are complemented by an elegant colonnade and side pylons.

See the beautiful places of Tver in this wonderful video!

6. Way Palace

Tver Attractions: Top 30< /p> View from the Volga embankment to the Tver Imperial Travel Palace Georgy Dolgopsky

Sights of Tver: Top 30

The front double-height hall on the second floor of the Tver Imperial Travel Palace Melodica007

What should every fan of architecture see in Tver in 1 day? This palace of the 18th century, made in pompous baroque and classic styles. At one time, the building served as a residence for many kings. Today, within its walls, you can see a gallery of paintings and museum expositions. Samples stored here: sculptures, objects of applied art, paintings painted by the greatest Russian and foreign masters.

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7. Courtyard of Proletarka

Sights of Tver: Top 30

One of the buildings of the Morozovsky Gorodok complex (Proletarka Yard) in Tver Marina Pankova

A quarter of the 19th century, equipped for the workers of the textile factory of the Morozov family. All buildings are built of red brick. The style of the buildings is “romanticized” modern. Despite the fact that restoration work has not been carried out here for many years, people still live in emergency dormitories with crumbling facades and broken glass.

Official website: http://www

8. House of Red Commanders

Sights of Tver: Top 30

The House of the Red Commanders is an architectural monument of the Stalin era on the Stepan Razin embankment Ghirla

The building was built in 1935, in former times it served as a military pedagogical institute, hospital and military headquarters. Today it houses a hostel for students of the Military Academy of the East Kazakhstan region. G.K. Zhukov and the hotel.

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9. Cinema Zvezda

Tver Attractions: Top 30

View of the facade of the Zvezda cinema building with a large screen in the center of Tver DmitrySimonov

The house with several rounded towers is decorated with exquisite rotundas. Attention is drawn to the white and red cladding of the facade, as well as the portal located at the central entrance with a 3-coal pediment. The auditoriums are equipped with modern video equipment. Such the best sights of Tver will make your stay both informative and fun – screenings of new cinema are held here as often as in any other cinema.

Official website: http://zvezda

10. Ascension Cathedral

Sights of Tver : Top 30

The White Trinity Church is the oldest surviving stone building in Tver DmitrySimonov

The peculiarity of this church is that it has survived, not been reconstructed. Date of creation – 16th century. In addition to the exterior, the interiors of the halls were also able to survive. The age-old paintings on the walls are of great value. However, the interior decoration is not pretentious and luxurious, but rather colorful.

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12. Church Three Confessors

Tver Attractions: Top 30

View from the Volga embankment to the bell tower and the Church of the Resurrection of Christ (Three Confessors) DmitrySimonov

This architectural monument was created on the site of a former wooden temple. The stylistic direction is baroque, later elements of early classicism and empire were added to it. Unfortunately, during the Soviet era, the unique frescoes of the church were destroyed. However, guides in Tver still recommend visiting this sight as one of the most historically important.

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13. Church of the Transfiguration

Sights of Tver: Top 30

Belfry of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord Andres_rus

The Catholic Church, headed by Metropolitan Archbishop Paolo Pezzi. The Catholic community appeared in the city in the 19th century. The church was opened for her more than 150 years ago.

Official website: http://catholic-church

14. Tver Mosque

Tver Attractions: Top 30< /p> The building of the Tver Cathedral Mosque – the prayer house of the Muslims of Tver DmitrySimonov

The presence of a mosque for Muslims in an Orthodox city may seem strange. However, more than a hundred years ago, during the revolutions, about 300 people preaching this religion lived in Tver. It was at their request that a house was built with a tower and domes, as well as some details of the Russian architectural style. In the 20th century, the mosque turned into a cafe, but later it was restored and returned to Tver Muslims.

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15. Monastery of the Nativity of Christ

Sights of Tver: Top 30

Rector's building of the Orthodox convent of the Nativity of Christ in Tver Ghirlandajo

The approximate date of construction of the complex is the 16th century. On the territory you can see 6 active churches open to parishioners at once.

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16. St. Catherine's Convent

Sights of Tver: Top 30

View from the right bank of the Volga to St. Catherine's Convent of Tver Sergey Pesterev

Formerly a wooden building of the 17th century, completely rebuilt in stone only by the end of the 18th century. During the reign of Soviet power, the landmark was destroyed and dilapidated. Only in the 2000s was a decision made on its large-scale restoration, thanks to which several temples of the complex, the bell tower and the monastery itself were restored.

Official website: http://aikaterina- mon

17. Tver Academic Drama Theatre

Sights of Tver: Top 30

Entrance to the Tver Regional Academic Drama Theater Nikolai Maksimovich

If you don't know where to go in Tver, but are fond of art, buy a ticket for the performances of this theater. The building, built back in 1745, delights with its porticos and columns. The spacious auditorium can accommodate 800 guests. Premieres are completely different – from modern to classic. Honored and People's Artists of our country perform on the local stage.

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18. Museum of M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin

Sights of Tver: Top 30

Two-storey mansion of the end of the 18th century – M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin in Tver Belliy

The museum is housed in a former noble mansion. Once the writer himself lived here, working as a vice-governor, and doing literary work. The collections contain about 8 hundred samples, including illustrations for works and manuscripts created by Saltykov-Shchedrin himself. In addition to excursions, scientific conferences and literary evenings are organized here.

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19. Tver Life Museum< /h3>

Tver Attractions: Top 30

Exhibits of the Museum of Tver Life Sergey Pesterev

The exhibits of the complex, opened in 1970, tell about the traditions and history of the city, as well as about the life of its population. You will see looms, ancient samovars, jewelry of the 16th century, clothes, textiles, various utensils and other antique items.

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20. Goat Museum

Sights of Tver: Top 30

Sculpture at the Goat Museum in the center of Tver Lyashko Irina

Many urban legends tell us about a goat entangled in the ropes of a bell and thus announcing the danger to the people of Tver. The animal is a symbol of Tver and for the reason that for 5 centuries items from its skin were supplied to all corners of the country. The expositions feature over 3,500 goat figurines made of straw, wood, wool, ceramics and other materials. The guides talk about the samples in a poetic humorous form.

Official website: http://goat-museum.rf/

Tver sights: what else to visit in Tver?

We told you briefly about the main sights of Tver. If after visiting them you have free time, devote it to visiting such fascinating places and objects as:

21. Obelisk of Victory

Tver Attractions: Top 30

Memorial complex in honor of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War Belliy

In the winter of 1970, an obelisk was opened, timed to coincide with the date of the city's liberation from the Nazis. The monument is crowned with a bowl with the Eternal Flame (the torch does not burn all year round, but in the evening the bowl is illuminated by spotlights). The lower part of the majestic 45-meter granite pillar is decorated with cast-iron slabs with bas-reliefs.

22. Monument to Afanasy Nikitin

Tver Attractions: Top 30

Monument to the first Russian traveler to India Athanasius Nikitin in Tver DmitrySimonov

The famous traveler, who opened the trade routes with Turkey, India and Persia, stands in bronze on the city embankment. The hero is dressed in a ceremonial caftan worn by rich merchants in the old days.

23. Monument to Mikhail of Tver

Tver Attractions: Top 30

Equestrian monument to Mikhail Tverskoy on Sovetskaya Square in Tver Ghirlandajo

The object was created quite recently – about 10 years ago. Tverskoy is famous for its victory over the Khan's army. In 1317 he refused to obey the Mongol-Tatars, for which he was sentenced to death. Wanting to save the principality of Tver from the revenge of the khan, the prince himself came to him and courageously accepted death.

24. Monument to I.A. Krylov

Tver Attractions: Top 30 30

Monument to the famous Russian fabulist I.A. Krylov in a small square in Tver Belliy

Krylov lived in Tver for quite a long time, and even wrote several notorious works here. His granite figure was installed in the central part of the city in the square, also bearing the name of the fabulist. The great Russian writer stands on a pedestal decorated with memorable words. There are also pylons with images of the most beloved and famous characters from the fables “The Wolf and the Crane”, “The Lion and the Wolf”, and other instructive works of the author.

25. Monument to A.S. Pushkin

Tver Attractions: Top 30< /p>Monument to A. S. Pushkin on the embankment of Mikhail Yaroslavich Nikolai Maksimovich

Alexander Sergeevich traveled through the city many times, and at least 4-5 times stopped in Tver for several days. It was here that the most significant events of his life happened to him. For example, the failed duel with Sollogub. Mentions of the city can be found in various stories and poems by Pushkin. By the way, local authorities order to erect monuments to Alexander Sergeevich relatively often, this one was erected in 1937-38 in memory of the anniversary of the death of the famous poet.

26. Monument to Mikhail Krug

Sights of Tver: Top 30

Monument to Mikhail Krug in his hometown of Tver commons:User:Vadimiztveri

Krug was born and raised in Tver. A wonderful author and performer of his songs was brutally murdered in his own home. But the memory of him continues to live in the hearts of the inhabitants of our country. The 250-kilogram figure in bronze was created over 10 years ago. Looking at her, you might think that the chansonnier just sat down to rest on the bench. In his hands is a guitar, next to it lies a hat. There are no signatures on the monument. On the right side of the bench, the creators left a free space so that those who wish to take a photo with the figure could sit next to it. We remind you that the singer-songwriter of the chanson was buried in his native city – Tver. The memorial sculpture was made on donations from the townspeople. By the way, many representatives of the intelligentsia spoke out sharply against its installation. But in the end, Krug's fans won.

27. Botanical Garden of Tver State University

Sights of Tver: Top 30

Picturesque French Garden in the Botanical Garden of Tver State University Botanical Garden of Tver State University

Approximately 2,000 species of herbs and 350 species of shrubs and trees have been planted on a vast area. Initially, the territory was the property of the Adolescent Church, but it was bought out by a merchant family, and then moved to the city state university.

Official website:< /p>

28. City Garden

Sights of Tver: Top 30

Flower beds in the City Garden of Tver Ghirlandajo

The territory of 9 hectares, located in the center of Tver. There are gardens, squares and parks. In previous years, there were several fortifications and the Kremlin. Subsequently, the forts were abolished, and later the site was completely landscaped. During the Second World War, Tver was significantly damaged, all plantings of the park zone were destroyed, the territory was trampled down. However, gradually the trees were planted again, recreation areas were equipped and alleys were created. The garden looks at the city embankment – in the direction where the sculptures of Krylov and Pushkin rise. Both locals and guests of Tver love to relax here, so it’s never empty and boring here.

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29. Starovolzhsky Bridge

Sights of Tver: Top 30

Starovolzhsky bridge – the first permanent bridge across the Volga in Tver Ghirlandajo

An exquisite engineering design, created about 120 years ago using innovative technologies at that time. In the Second World War, the bridge was blown up, but three decades later it was reconstructed, making it another historical value of the city. The design looks impressive and powerful, causing involuntary respect for its creators.

30. Novovolzhsky Bridge

Sights of Tver: Top 30

The spans and arches of the Novovolzhsky bridge within the city of Ghirlandajo

The cast-iron structure was created during the blockade Leningrad. Later it was stored in a warehouse and abandoned, and only Kalinin (a statesman and resident of Tver) ordered the bridge over the Volga to be restored again.

Those sights of Tver, the photos with the names and descriptions of which you have just viewed, are of interest in people of all ages. Read also about the sights of Tula and get inspired for your further trip around Russia.

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