Sleeping tourist wakes up at 'crime scene' made from feces left by intruder

A sleeping tourist woke up at the ‘crime scene’ from feces left by an intruder

An Australian tourist woke up in her room to find her bed had become an intruder's 'crime scene'. An unknown animal left traces of urine and feces on the floor and bedding, Dailystar writes.

A tourist from Australia named Shannon posted a video on TikTok with disgusting stains on the pillow and sheets, as well as droppings on the floor. She said that in the evening she fell asleep on one side of the bed, and in the morning she found this on the other. The girl concluded that at night, presumably, the opossum entered her room, lay down nearby and left traces of his life everywhere.

“Something slept with me and I don't know what it was. Oh my gosh, poop on the floor, it was an animal. I woke up at the scene of the crime, and at night I didn’t notice anything,” said the tourist in the video.

It was not possible to find Shannon the opossum, and in the comments someone jokingly noticed that he was hiding in the fireplace. To this, the girl replied: “Bingo, he must have been there!”. After recovering from the initial shock, the tourist saw the funny side of what had happened and began to joke. For example, that the possum turned out to be a real gentleman, since he didn’t touch or disturb her in her sleep.

People in the comments noted with surprise how deeply she sleeps if she wasn’t awakened by the possum climbing into bed, urinating and running around the room. Others joked that there was no possum in the video, and the girl was simply shifting the blame for the “accident” to the animal. However, the litter on the floor definitely belongs to the animal.

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