Smear with turmeric and go: a Russian tourist caught a cold in India and found out how the untouchables are treated

Smear turmeric and go: a Russian tourist caught a cold in India and learned how the untouchables are treated

A Russian tourist fell ill while traveling in India and decided to be treated with locally produced medicines. At the same time, she learned in what an amazing way the beggars are treated, i.e. “untouchables” in this country. She spoke about this on her Yandex.Zen channel.

The girl said that the Asian country has a different view of medicine, different from the Russian one, and the prices for drugs are several times cheaper than in the Russian Federation. “Many of our Russian tourists come here on purpose, both for medicines and for medical examinations. Paid hospitals in India look not just good, but at their best, like five-star hotels, ”the blogger clarified. However, such medicine awaits those who have money.

With the service of the poor Indians, who are called “untouchables”, “things are very bad,” said the Russian woman. And she added the following: “People just lie on a free piece: some on the bed, some on the floor in a very stuffy, dirty room, and that's it. There is no help – they are just isolated!”.

As for medicines, their quality is at the highest level. This was told not only by the author of the material, but also by numerous vacationers who are purchased in Indian pharmacies. The quality indicator for them is European pharmaceutical companies that have factories and laboratories in India. “Accordingly, the price of all the “cool” drugs that are expensive in Russia cost just a penny here. Therefore, if you are a tourist who just came to see the sights, then my advice to you is to buy Indian medicines, then you will come for them later, and it will become a habit,” the traveler recommended.

Having caught a cold, the Russian woman took a chance and bought “pills” of local production. Then she stated that she felt much better on the third day after taking them. After her recovery, she intended to renew her tourist first-aid kit with Indian medicines.

However, the “untouchables” do not have money even for the cheapest medicines. Doctors know about this, so in any case they prescribe one thing – ordinary turmeric. The poor are not against such a universal method of treatment, because, according to the tourist, they “idolize” this seasoning. The traveler told about a conversation with an Indian acquaintance who had an accident on a scooter and severely injured his leg.

“His wound was bleeding heavily, and he came home and began to generously smear it with turmeric. He reassured me that turmeric would help in any situation, even open wounds. I suggested that he go to the hospital, but he confirmed my surprise, saying that the doctor had just prescribed turmeric for the wound, ”said the surprised Russian woman.

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