Soon tourists in space will have sex, but they predicted a fiasco

Soon, tourists in space will have sex, but they predicted a fiasco

Tourists may try to have sex in space for the next decade – such a statement was made by Virgin Galactic, which promotes private space tourism. However, according to experts interviewed by the British The Sun on such a juicy occasion, they are more likely to fail.

According to experts, their own “Mile High Club” (a society of people who like to have sex on an airplane) will appear as soon as more private rockets rise into orbit. Professor David Cullen put it this way: “Given the various motivations of space tourists and the upcoming developments in spacecraft…we have come to the conclusion that sex in space is likely to happen in the next ten years.”

“But guys, it might not work. The lack of gravity will limit the blood supply needed in the process to your organ. There is no gravity in space to direct blood to the lower body. Instead, the blood goes to the chest and head,” said NASA space expert Laurie Meggs.

Women, as always, will have to fear the consequences. “Research is needed on what can happen with conception in space, but they have not been carried out and the risks are high. Even if tourists use contraceptives, it may not work. In addition, high risks of ectopic pregnancy and embryonic developmental anomalies can be assumed,” said Professor Cullen of Cranfield University.

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