Spain has become unsafe: tourists warned about the risks

Spain has become unsafe: tourists have been warned of the risks

The British tabloids warned about the dangers of a holiday in Europe of “their” tourists who gathered on the continent during the Easter holidays, as well as all other Europeans. The focus is primarily on Spain, as the most popular destination, but some other countries also got it. Tourists are assured that all these tourist destinations have a “high” level of danger: the publications list those specific factors that may threaten holidaymakers. Mostly terrorism, protests that start suddenly, and petty crime.

“There are still warnings from the Foreign Office for every country you travel to, some European places are known for high crime rates, in others, there are problems with political demonstrations,” the publications say, citing a manual from the Foreign Ministry.

So, Spain became the first country – the Foreign Ministry noted that “a high degree of caution” is needed there.

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  • Thus, the “general threat of terrorism” is considered high: since 2015, the national level of readiness of the Spanish government to combat terrorism remains at level four (high). Also, tourists should beware of protests “public meetings and demonstrations can take place with little or no warning,” the Foreign Ministry recalled. “We recommend that you stay away from demonstrations, as even gatherings that are meant to be peaceful can turn into confrontations,” they assure.
  • Separately, in the Canary Islands, namely Tenerife, tourists were advised not to get involved in “balconing” and, we quote literally, “be careful when using the balconies of hotels and apartments, especially if you have used alcohol or drugs, and avoid unnecessary risk.”
  • In terms of domestic crime, tourists were told that it is “moderate” in Spain, but there is a much higher risk of pickpocketing in areas such as airports, bus stations, train stations, tourist areas and large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona and robbery.
  • Tourists were advised to leave extra money and valuables in a safe place, as well as not to carry a passport with them unless absolutely necessary, not to show large sums of money in public places and not to use ATMs in the dark. They are also advised to carefully monitor their belongings and “avoid unlit streets and stairs.” In addition, tourists were warned about the risk of running into drugs on a “casual date”.
  • Also according to British publications, “a high degree of caution” must be observed in Portugal – here forest fires, pickpocketing and “nightclub incidents” are added to the dangers. In Italy, tourists are also at risk of earthquakes and pickpocketing and drug crimes are very common. It's not going smoothly in France either – tourists are scared by the dangers already listed – terrorism, protests and theft in crowded places.

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