Stay in hiding: in Thailand, the government warned tourists about the terrible danger

Stay in shelters: in Thailand, the government warned tourists about the terrible danger

Stormy weekend and thunderstorms until the end of May with the risk of flooding and flooding, they promised in Thailand. The government has issued a separate alert advising locals and tourists to stay up to date with the latest updates from the country's Meteorological Office, as well as to be careful in places of greatest danger across the country – including along the coasts – and stay in shelters during thunderstorms. and heavy rains.

Anucha Burapachaisri, the prime minister's deputy secretary general for political affairs, was quoted by the local press as saying the meteorological department had issued a warning of heavy to very heavy rain showers over Thailand and strong winds in the Andaman Sea through May 30. He urged locals and tourists to “be cautious of the potential hazards caused by such heavy rains and accumulated rainwater.”

Recall that the weather has already brought a surprise to vacationers in Pattaya: the rainy season in Thailand started with a flood in the resort, and popular tourist areas were also flooded. A heavy downpour that covered the resort of Pattaya lasted about an hour and was accompanied by strong winds. As a result, all flood-prone places such as Sukhumvit Road, South Pattaya Road, Pattaya Beach Road and others were affected. The level of flooding in some areas reached a height of 30 centimeters to one meter. Read more at this link.

At the same time, according to a Thai official, virtually the entire country will be in the zone of heavy rains – everywhere “one should be wary of the dangers associated with heavy and very heavy rains and accumulation of precipitation, such as flash floods and mudflows, especially in areas near steep slopes, watercourses and lowlands ”.

Partly for tourists who are rather careless about warnings, beaches and promenades along the sea, especially on rocky shores, have also been named a danger zone. In the Andaman Sea, strong winds will generate waves 2-3 meters high in areas without thunderstorms and more than 3 meters in areas with thunderstorms, while waves in the Gulf of Thailand will be 1-2 meters high and more than 2 meters in areas with thunderstorms. “Boat operators in these areas should go to sea with caution and avoid areas with thunderstorms. And small vessels in the Andaman Sea area should refrain from going ashore from May 27 to May 30,” the official said.

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