Stolen 41 kg of pebbles from the beach cost the tourist hundreds of thousands of rubles

The stolen 41 kg of pebbles from the beach cost the tourist hundreds of thousands of rubles

A huge fine will be paid by a tourist who tried to take a very weighty souvenir from Sardinia. He will have to pay up to 3 thousand euros – i.e. hundreds of thousands of rubles in equivalent – for 41 kg of stones from the beach, which he tried to take out in the trunk of a car.

According to La Repubblica, the tourists tried to leave from Porto Torres by ferry to Nice in a private car. It contained 41 kilograms of pebbles and stones stolen from the beach of Lampianu in Sassari. So he failed to sail away to his homeland – the smuggler of such an original product prohibited for export turned out to be a Frenchman. The tourist was detained by officers of the Agency for Customs and Monopolies and security officers of the Sardinian Seaports Authority.

Prohibited souvenirs will cost him a fine – from 500 to 3 thousand euros – that is, hundreds of thousands of rubles. The fine was imposed for violating regional law 16, which since 2017 has punished the increased theft of sand, shells and pebbles from the beaches of Sardinia. At the same time, even information campaigns in several languages, aimed primarily at tourists, do not stop those wishing to take away forbidden souvenirs.

As for the seized stones, they will be returned to the beach. This will be taken care of by the staff of the Environmental Education Center of the Porto Conte Park and the Capo Caccia Isola Piana Marine Protected Area.

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