Storms, rain and debris: a Russian tourist said why she no longer wants to rest on the Black Sea

Storms, rain and debris: a Russian tourist told why she does not want to rest on the Black Sea anymore

The Black Sea in Crimea, Sochi, Bulgaria, Georgia and Turkey is equally bad. Storms, rain and garbage – such unpleasant memories were brought home by a Russian tourist from her many trips, and now she said that she would not go to the Black Sea coast to rest anymore. The story of the traveler was told by Tinkoff Journal.

For 26 years, a compatriot has seen what the Black Sea looks like in different countries and cities. “I admired the sights of Bulgaria – in 1994 and 2015, Crimea – in 2004 and 2005, Sochi – in 2007, Georgia – in 2017, Istanbul – in 2020. Everything was fine, tasty, beautiful, inexpensive. Everything pleased. Except the sea, – the author noted with regret. – The Black Sea as a body of water is not inferior to any other sea – it is large and salty. This is where the resemblance to the sea of ​​a healthy person ends. At the same time, all trips cost the traveler relatively inexpensively. For example, tours to Bulgaria and Georgia cost her about $1.5 thousand (120 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate) for two adults and a child. The price includes tickets for the road, accommodation, food and excursions.

The “nearest accessible sea” and the once “all-Union health resort” did not please the traveler for a number of reasons. The first and main reason: “There is a storm very often, and it rains on the shore.”

The 10-day vacation in Bulgaria was overshadowed by almost daily waves on the sea, and on calm days – debris in the form of leaves, branches, whole trees and waste of other tourists. “It was more fun to swim in Bulgaria as a child, but rather because since you’ve already arrived, you don’t care about everything and you have to swim,” the tourist recalled.

According to her, during the 10 days of her beach stay in Georgia in 2017, she managed to swim only four times. And this is even a good result compared to other tourists, she assured: “This is about 4 times more than those who arrived and left a couple of weeks earlier.” At the same time, it was not about the off-season, but about the peak months – July and August.

As for the resorts of Crimea and Sochi, which are more accessible to Russians, the picture there was also not so rosy: “We breathe sea air and wait until you can at least get into the water.”

“In Istanbul, there are the least complaints – well, the pleasure ship could not leave the port, well, now, everyone has it (no),” she noted .

As a result, the Russian woman concluded that it would be better to go to the Laptev Sea, but not to the Black Sea. “There is nothing good about him, or at least you should not count on him at all. And I don’t recommend it to anyone,” the tourist added.

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