Sun loungers could be banned around the world: Europe has taken the first step towards such a ban

Sun loungers may be banned worldwide: Europe has taken the first step towards such a ban

It seems that the world has begun probing or even preparing public opinion for new restrictions. The fact is that suddenly another enemy to health, leading to premature aging and probable death from cancer, was “discovered” by British researchers. We are talking about the fashion for sunbathing, and in particular – about beach chairs, on which the average tourist spends most of his vacation. Only one ban on sun loungers on the beaches – said researchers from the University of Manchester – could save at least 200 thousand young tourists from skin problems – up to fatal.

The study was conducted by the team, including in Australia, where sun loungers on the beaches are already prohibited. It should be noted that on the southern continent, on average, extremely active sun and skin cancers are a national problem. “A study of health problems associated with tanning shows that a sun lounger ban could reduce the number of people with skin problems by 200,000. Moreover, we are talking about skin cancer, which often develops in young people, ”the authors of the study said.

Professor Adele Green, a health and disease specialist at the University of Manchester, explained the study: “We tracked the impact of the UK general ban on 620,000 people aged 18. There are a lot of misconceptions about sun loungers, people believe that sun exposure is necessary for vitamin D and sunburn is good, but this is wrong. Exposure to the sun for a long time in a sun lounger causes premature aging and skin wrinkles, as well as eye problems and a high risk of skin cancer,” the professor assured.

According to her, about 2,300 deaths occur annually in the UK from melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer. As the researchers assure, the most common provoking factor is the habit of roasting in the sun on a sun lounger. If they are banned, the number of cancer cases will decrease, they are sure.

The results were expectedly criticized by both the British Tanning Association and the Chaise Longue Association. The president of the latter, Gary Lipman, said that sunbathing is a tradition and it only brings benefits. “We reject all claims that sun loungers should be banned in the UK and all mathematical-theoretical claims put forward in this study. Because this study is mainly based on data from studies outside the UK and in a place with a very different climate. In addition, the beach industry is not regulated there at all like here,” the beach expert was indignant.

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