“Tagil on vacation”: a Russian woman spoke about the division of hotels in Egypt on a national basis

Soon Egyptian hotels will be divided between the two countries – Russia and Ukraine, – “so that tourists do not intersect – otherwise, no matter how something happens …”, – said a Russian woman living in Egypt for permanent residence.

On her Yandex.Zen channel, she said that such a division is quite possible and has been practiced in Egypt for a long time. “True, earlier it mainly concerned Europeans and Russian speakers. That is, there were hotels focused on Russia/CIS, and on the European contingent (British, Italians, Germans, etc.),” the blogger added.

At the same time, it was difficult for Russians to get into “non-Russian hotels”, since tour operators practically did not offer such facilities for our compatriots, “and if they did, then at such prices that they were much behind other hotels of the same category – therefore they were simply not chosen. That is, no infringement, no one forbade anything to anyone – the market itself regulated the accommodation of tourists of different nationalities.

However, there were also such Russians who refused to go to rest in a “hotel for Russians”. “In tourism, you will not see anything. Apparently, they simply did not want to see “Tagil on vacation” and considered Europeans to be more preferable neighbors (which, by the way, is debatable … but everyone has their own opinion. As they say, any whim for your money),” the author suggested.< /p>

Not only hotels, but also excursion programs in Egypt are focused on a particular country, while the price tag for the same trip will be different. “During my short work in tourism, I was always surprised, for example, that an excursion to Israel with a Russian-speaking guide cost $ 80, and with an Italian one it was much more expensive. I don’t remember exactly, but at least every two – two and a half times, ”added the blogger. Some refused on principle to speak in Russian and could demand that the guide speak another language, despite the fact that this service would cost much more.

According to information from travel forums and numerous travel agents, travel agencies independently created “white” and “black” lists. The latter included several Egyptian and Turkish hotels for organizing and congratulating tourists on May 9th. For example, this is what Ukrainian travel agents did, which involved tourism in the “great geopolitical game”. Read the details in the article “Travel agent called the black list of hotels in Turkey and Egypt, compiled by Ukrainian travel agencies.”

Despite the absence of flights from Kyiv to Egypt, Russian tourists play it safe and ask to settle them in safe hotels in order to nullify possible skirmishes. The forecast from the Russian woman is as follows: “Everything will become clear when flights are opened and tourism programs are somehow launched again. But, apparently, there will still be some kind of division of hotels. The Egyptians themselves are not very interested in conflicts on their territory – I think they will nip them in the bud. But rather than stop something that has already happened, it’s better to prevent it from happening.”

“We have already crossed the Rubicon, and it is felt more and more,” the Russian woman stated, talking about the relationship between the “former fraternal peoples ”and the division of the Russian-speaking diaspora in Egypt and hotels into “ours” and “not ours”.

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