Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top -30

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Huge, immense Tel Aviv is a unique cultural and tourist center. Landmarks in Israel are a single and unique complex of historical monuments, a significant part of which is Tel Aviv. Thanks to this review article, a potential tourist will know what to see in Israel. Sights in Tel Aviv are traditionally divided into several groups, which will be presented below.

What to see in Tel Aviv in the first place?

Given the gigantic scale of the city and the number of outstanding architectural monuments, not without the help of a guide. However, guided by special material with a selection of the most visited places, you can easily visit the places the tourist needs.

1. Jaffa Old City

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Stone narrow streets of the Old City of Jaffa

The Old City of Tel Aviv is truly a unique place. The population has lived here since ancient times. At the moment, the old city is merged with modern Tel Aviv. Moreover, the old port, which in ancient times received many pilgrimage ships, is considered unique and attractive to foreign tourists. The Old City is the place when you don't know what to visit in Tel Aviv.

2. Tel Aviv Old Port

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Scenic view of the old city Jaffa and the ancient harbor of Tel Aviv

According to statistics, the rating of visiting this place is extremely high. The former port today is just an old landmark. Along the shore there is a terrace with many entertainment-type establishments, as well as restaurants and children's cafes. After the end of the Second World War, the British army was stationed in the port. Many hangars were destroyed. Only at the beginning of the 21st century was it possible to restore the historical premises, which today house entertainment areas.

Official website:http://www.yarid-hamizrach

3. Azrieli Center

Tel Aviv attractions: Top 30

A complex of three skyscrapers and a large shopping center near their bases in Tel Aviv Tomáś Selecký

The category of “interesting places” of the city undoubtedly includes Azrieli. An amazing, amazing, gigantic complex of three skyscrapers. The towers are located in the heart of Tel Aviv. The complex of stunning size invites tourists to climb to the observation deck, which is located on the 49th floor of the round tower. Entrance to the site will cost tourists a symbolic amount of 22 shekels.

4. Neve Tzedek

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

House with an unusual facade of bright pictures in Neve Tzedek Josh Evnin

Interesting excursions in Tel Aviv take place in one of the oldest districts of the old city of Jaffa – the “abode of justice”. This area is an amazing monument of culture and architecture of the country. Today, Jaffa is acquiring a modern look: new branded stores and elite restaurants are being built. However, the importance of historically valuable workshops of artisans and shops has not been canceled. After decades of neglect, the area has been restored. Since the 90s, the flow of foreign tourists has increased here.

5. Jaffa Clock Tower

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Three-story clock tower – Migdal ha-Shaon on the square in Old Jaffa Deror_avi

An amazing building, made in the style of Ottoman architecture on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the coronation of Abdul-Hamid II. It is noteworthy that the tower was built with charity money. Residents of the city made a donation, which was enough for the construction of the chapel. A trip to Israel would be in vain if you don't visit the clock square where the tower is located.

Check out the magnificent views of Tel Aviv in this beautiful video!

6. White City

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

A street with Bauhaus-style houses against a blue sky in one of the districts of the White City xiquinhosilva

Interesting places in the city are located not only near the sea lane, but also in some areas of Tel Aviv. A special area “white city” at the beginning of the “zero” was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. A feature of this place is the presence of a huge number of white houses that were built at the beginning of the 20th century. The architectural style of these structures is the so-called “Bauhaus”.

7. Pagoda House in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Unusual architecture of the Pagoda House at the intersection of Montefiore and Nachmani streets ד”ר אבישי טייכר

The main attraction of Tel Aviv is undoubtedly the pagoda house. This amazing sloping structure got its name from the slightly tilted roof. The pagoda house is deservedly considered part of the unique history of the resettlement of Jews from Europe to Israel. The architectural style of the building combines many directions: modern, oriental style, Buddhist motifs, which annually attracts the attention of millions of tourists.

8. Church of the Apostle Peter and Righteous Tabitha

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Orthodox Church of the Apostle Peter and Righteous Tabitha in Jaffa

Recommendations of domestic tourists strongly suggest visiting the Orthodox Church of the Apostle Peter. The church is under the auspices of the Russian Spiritual Mission. Righteous Tabitha was buried on the territory of the temple, and now this place has its own unique relic. The crypt is decorated with amazing Byzantine mosaics. It is surprising that the temple is still active, and Orthodox services are held in it.

9. St. Peter's Catholic Church

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Orange façade and high belfry of the Catholic Church St. Peter's in Old Jaffa User:Avi1111

The best attraction in Tel Aviv is the amazing Catholic temple, which is located in the old city of Jaffa. The construction of the church was completed in 1654. An incredible fact is that in our time, services are held here in many languages ​​​​of the Romano-Germanic group. For example, visiting workers from Poland attend a Catholic service on weekends. The architectural design of this temple successfully implemented the architectural style of the Baroque.

Official website:

10. Great Synagogue

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

The Great Synagogue on Allenby Street in downtown Tel Aviv Yair Haklai

The Jewish Temple is located in the central area of ​​Tel Aviv. Construction began in 1924, but due to lack of funds, the process stopped. The decisive contribution was the money of the patron of arts Rothschild in 1925. But after decades of desolation, only at the end of the twentieth century was a comprehensive repair carried out and the synagogue was restored. In the best times for the city, the elite youth of Tel Aviv gathered in the synagogue.

11. Bialik House-Museum

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Exhibits of the House-Museum of Chaim Bialik – the national poet of Israel Hanay

An interesting place to visit is the house-museum of the Jewish writer Bialik. A Ukrainian by origin, this artist came to Tel Aviv, where he started building his own house. The architectural appearance of the building combines eastern and western styles, and amazing arches and open terraces give the museum a luxurious look. The museum, open to the public, will give visitors vivid impressions of the colorful and unforgettable poetry of Bialik.

Official website: https://beithair.

12. Diamond Israel Stock Exchange

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

The tallest skyscraper in Israel Moshe Aviv in the area of ​​the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan

The Diamond Exchange is a private company that specializes in the sale of precious stones – diamonds. Visually, the exchange is a complex of 4 buildings of different sizes and heights. The company includes several thousand employees. The historical reason for the creation of the complex was the organization of the first Diamond Club of Palestine. In addition, the foundation of the complex opened the beginning of commercial activities in Israel.

13. Diaspora Museum

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Entrance to the Nachum Goldman Jewish Diaspora Museum at Tel Aviv Grapkin University

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Exhibition of Jewish humor (Let There Be Laughter) at the Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv Grapkin

The building that houses the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora belongs to Tel Aviv University. The creator of the World Jewish Congress Goldman became the ideological author of the creation of the museum. So, in 1978 the museum was considered the most modern cultural center in the world. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, tourist interest in the place has increased significantly. The expositions presented in the museum describe the national characteristics of the Jews.

Official website:

14. Palmach Museum< /h3>

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30 Aviva: Top 30

The building of the experimental and interactive Palmach Museum in Tel Aviv Ori~

Palmach is a broad concept that means army groups in Israel in the middle of the 20th century. Later, the force units became a full-fledged part of the Israeli Army. The Palmach Museum is a historical monument to the formation of Israel as a state. The expositions in the museum are the scenery of the war times of the last century. Demonstration of informative videos during the tour complements the positive feedback about the museum.

Official website: http://www.palmach.

15. Eretz Israel Museum

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Pavilions of the Eretz Israel Museum or the Land of Israel Museum in Ramat Aviv Talmoryair

Connoisseurs of archaeological crafts, as well as tourists with significant knowledge in the field of history, will be incredibly interested in visiting the Eretz Israel Museum. Within the walls of the museum there is a huge collection of ancient products made of copper, porcelain and glass, as well as the presence of ancient coins and tools for cultivating the land, grinding grain. In addition, apart from the exhibition, the museum has a modern planetarium.

Official website: http://www.eretzmuseum

16. Tel Aviv Museum of Fine Arts Arts

Attractions Tel Aviv: Top 30

The new wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Fine Arts in Tel Aviv ד”ר אבישי טייכר

To the question “what to see in Tel Aviv in 1 day”, there is a definite answer: the Israel Museum. The Museum of Fine Arts begins its history in 1932 It is deservedly considered the largest in the country.Its exposition is the quintessence of the arts, including: architecture, design, graphics, etc.

Official website: http://www .tamuseum.

17. Ilana Gur Museum

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

The Ilana Gur Museum in an old 18th century building in the Old City of Jaffa Edmund Gall

In the old district of the city of Jaffa, there is a unique house at number 4, in which the artist and her husband work wonders. The couple spends several months at painstaking work. The place of their work is the museum that is worth seeing not only because of its artistic purpose, but also because of the uniqueness of the place. You will see bizarre sculptures, amazing paintings and feel the atmosphere of living contemporary art.

Official website: https://www.ilanagoormuseum

18. Museum of the Defense Army Israel

Attractions Tel Aviv: Top 30

Restored T-62 tank in the Museum of the Israel Defense Forces in Tel Aviv User:Katangais

A feature of the museum is that the room in which it is located is directly subordinate to the Israeli Ministry of Defense. The museum presents not only expositions containing historical data about the country's army, but also exhibits of real military equipment. The tourist will be able to feel the military spirit, thanks to the exposition with unique weapons that were used by terrorist organizations, and will also see a lot of armored vehicles for various purposes.

Official website: http://www.mod. gov.

19. Jaffa Flea Market

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

A huge and varied range of goods at the flea market in Old Jaffa זאב זמיר

The market, located near the aforementioned Clock Square, can offer visiting guests a huge amount of rare antiques. Products sold on the market are characterized by incomparable uniqueness and variety. So, the buyer can find everything from antique Jewish furniture to amazing handmade sets.

Official website:

< h3> 20. Sarona Market

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Entrance to the Sarona Market in the center of Tel Aviv Ted Eytan

Inconspicuous, hidden in the depths of neighboring skyscrapers, the room is an encyclopedia of Jewish culture. The market is located in the historical area of ​​Tel Aviv – Sarona. Here, the shops sell vegetables, fruits, cheese, sweets, meat, seafood, wine. Visiting this place will be profitable and economical for you.

Official website: http://saronamarket.

Tel Aviv attractions: what else to visit in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is extremely rich and multifaceted. Therefore, in addition to the main number of famous attractions, do not forget about the many other places to visit. The sights of Israel, photos with names and descriptions are presented below.

21. Carmel Market

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Trading stalls at the Carmel market in Tel Aviv Jorge Láscar

The journey of an experienced tourist and an avid gourmet should begin with a visit to this place. Carmel Market is the largest shopping place in the city. Every day, except Saturday, you can buy a variety of sweets, delicacies and flower arrangements in the market.

22. Hanging orange tree

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Floating potted orange tree

Enjoying the flavor of the old streets of Jaffa, you can visit an amazing sight – a soaring tree. The reason for this composition is that Israel is primarily known for the export of large quantities of oranges. In addition, a legend is associated with this place: once upon a time, a simple inhabitant illegally planted a tree on state land, and soon representatives of the law forced the man to cut down the tree. Then he hung it up and thus gracefully solved the problem.

23. Mini Israel Miniature Park

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Model of the Western Wall (Jerusalem) in the miniature park « Mini Israel» israeltourism

Guides in Tel Aviv advise you to definitely visit the Mini Park – a very impressive work of art. An exhibition of more than 400 miniature sculptures and figurines is presented in a special oblong recess. The exposition combines many archaeological and historical sights of Israel.

Official website:

24. Caesarea Park< /h3>

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30 Aviva: Top 30

The ruins of the ancient city in the Caesarea National Park DerHexer

The Caesarea National Park is a world-famous place that attracts millions of tourists every year. The ancient city of Caesarea, which went under water many centuries ago and left behind architectural structures of amazing beauty.

Official website: https://www.parks.

< h3> 25. Rothschild Park

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Sculpture of a woman with a sundial in the Rose Garden of Rothschild Park

Located on a hill, a complex of garden plants and stone structures was erected in honor of Baron Rothschild. Moreover, the family tomb in the park belongs to the baron and contains his ashes.

26. Stone Wishing Bridge

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

The Stone Wishing Bridge in the Ha-Pisga Garden in the Old City of Jaffa

Modern and amazing Tel Aviv attracts guests with architectural masterpieces. Among them there is a special bridge – the Bridge of Desires. To make a wish, you should find your zodiac sign on the bridge, put your palm on it, and, looking at the sea, make your innermost desire.

27. Zodiac Signs Fountain

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Fountain “Signs of the Zodiac” in the old Kikar Kedumin Square in Jaffa

The peculiarity of the sculptures placed inside the fountain lies in their humorous character. This is a fascinating and funny place in the old town.

28. Yarkon river and park

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Vacationers on the river in the large city park Yarkon in Tel Aviv אילנה שקולניק – Ilana Shkolnik

Located on the banks of the river, the park is huge and beautiful. Inside the park, visitors can spend their leisure time visiting a water park, a poultry house, as well as a botanical garden rich in various plant species.

Official website: /

29. Tel Aviv Embankment

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

The embankment is a favorite place of rest for the citizens and tourists of Tel Aviv Jorge Láscar

The port and the embankment are modern buildings. A walk along a long wooden deck will allow you to enjoy the view of the setting sun and the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

30. Tel Aviv beaches

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

Tel Aviv Beach Panorama

Tel Aviv Attractions: Top 30

View of the Tel Aviv coastline

Modern Tel Aviv, and especially its western part, is a long array of sprawling modern beaches. They are full of entertainment venues and boutiques. Therefore, in case of a dilemma: “where to go in Tel Aviv”, visit the seashore. At the same time, a hotel for relaxation will not hurt.

Unforgettable and impressive – this is how you can characterize the time spent in stunning Tel Aviv. After visiting here, be sure to visit Jerusalem! We have prepared for you an overview of the best sights of Jerusalem to inspire you on your further trip to Israel.

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