Terrible holiday: the death toll of Russians in Korea has risen to 4, many are missing

A terrible holiday: the death toll of Russians in Korea has risen to 4, many are missing

At least four Russian women were victims of a terrible holiday in Korea, where more than 150 people died in a stampede that occurred during the celebration of Halloween. All Russian victims are young women, aged 20-30 years. At the same time, the number of victims may increase: as RIA Novosti was told at the Russian Embassy in South Korea, the police have identified the dead, the identities of the injured are being established, but many more people are missing.

“In total, four Russian citizens were killed. Judging by the name, the deceased is an ethnic Korean, the South Korean police have determined that she is listed as a Russian citizen,” the embassy said. According to them, all Russian victims are young women, born between 1995 and 2001. As the diplomatic mission added, some of the victims remain “missing” while the South Korean police identify the injured.

Recall that the Halloween holiday in Seoul, in the popular Ihtaewon district, turned into a disaster with a huge number of victims. The fact is that the quarter has extremely narrow streets, which were overcrowded for the holiday – about 100 thousand people gathered. So far, the most popular version of why the crowd rushed en masse and made a stampede is the phenomenon of a popular Korean celebrity – at least someone shouted her name. There was also a version that “in one of the bars they gave out sweets with drugs.”

As a result, at the moment there are over 150 dead and at least 80 injured. The age of most of the dead, like the Russians, is no more than 30 years old, since mainly young people gathered for the holiday. So far, 20 foreigners have been counted among the dead, but the numbers continue to be adjusted.

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