Thailand Attractions: Top 15 (PHOTO)

Attractions Thailand: Top 15 (PHOTOS)

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The sights of Thailand will tell about the interesting history of this exotic country. Impressive architectural complexes, unforgettable fishing experiences, exciting shopping, interesting excursions will remain in the memory of tourists. Friendly local guides will offer holidays for every taste and different levels of income. From the first hours of the visit, this hospitable country resolutely brushes aside superstitious fears about unfamiliar Asia, which will hospitably meet and remain in memory forever. Don't know what to see in Thailand? Especially for you, we have compiled a list of the most popular attractions in this country.

What to see in Thailand in the first place

When faced with the challenge of arranging an entertainment program, use the information we have collected to help you find tours in Thailand that will suit your preferences. We will tell you about interesting places for both adults and young people, as well as for couples with children.

1. The historic city of Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya)

Thailand Attractions: Top 15 (PHOTO)< /p>The majestic ancient city of Ayutthaya

Like the two-faced Janus, this capital of the province of the same name appears to tourists in different guises. Half of Ayutthaya, filled with ruins after its destruction, is included in the UNESCO heritage list and is a historical park city. Modern city life takes place quietly in its second part with limited infrastructure.

A stay in Ayutthaya gives an idea not only of modern Thai life, but also of its glorious historical past. Once it was the ancient capital of the Siamese Kingdom, today it is only a modest city included in excursion programs. There are no numerous bars, bustling nightlife, trendy spas. But there are plenty of people who want to look at the ruins left from ancient Siam.

On the vast territory of the historic city there are ruins of many temple complexes, palaces, Buddhist statues, and other buildings. Of interest are the summer royal residence “Ban Pa Yin”, impressive ancient temples, giving an idea of ​​the culture and history of the country.

2. Royal Palace in Bangkok (Bangkok)

Thailand Attractions: Top 15 (PHOTO) )

The Royal Palace in Bangkok is a sacred place in Thailand

Thinking about what to see in Thailand, you should definitely plan an excursion to the Royal Palace in the capital. The project of the palace complex with an area of ​​218 sq. m was created on the prototype of Ayutthaya. The royal family comes here only for ceremonies. Some of the buildings inside the complex are still occupied by government agencies.

What structures are offered to the attention of visitors? The Dusit Palace is interesting with a snow-white facade, decorated with a portico in the form of an arch and a peaked Thai roof. Here you can see the mother-of-pearl inlaid wooden throne of Rama I.

The Throne Palace of Chakri built in the 12th century is interesting. with ceremonial rooms, private chambers of the queen and urns with the ashes of the kings of the Chakri dynasty.

A masterpiece of Thai architecture is the wooden pavilion of Aphonhimok. Its design is simple, but in combination with magnificent decorations, it seems simply magnificent.

To the east of the palace buildings are the Sivalai Gardens with the personal temple of King Rama IV, decorated with light mosaics and lined with gray marble.

3. San Kamphaeng Hot Springs (Chiang Mai)

Thailand Attractions: Top 15 (PHOTOS)

San Kamphaeng is the birthplace of hot springs

For those who are interested in the sights of Thailand that can improve their health, there is a direct road to the hot springs in the San Kamphaeng area. Located on 40 acres of green planted land, they are known for their general tonic effect.

All year round, water with a temperature of about 100 ° C, enriched with sulfur, rises from the ground. For bathing there are separate rooms or pools, here you can also get a session of a real Thai massage.

In addition to taking therapeutic and wellness baths, there are a lot of restaurants on the territory of this park, and tourists often have picnics on vast areas planted with grass. If you wish, you can join a bike tour, rafting down the river or ride elephants.

In addition to the springs, the area is famous for silk factories and an abundance of handicrafts, which are made in the Bo Sang artisan village nearby.


4. Koh Samui (Gulf of Thailand)

Thailand attractions: Top 15 (PHOTO)

Azure sea and sandy beach of Koh Samui

For lovers of a beach holiday, there is something to see in Thailand, or rather, on its islands. The island of pristine beauty of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand is a favorite destination for tourists. Isolation of the island until the 20th century. and the lack of close contacts with the mainland allowed him to preserve nature in a pristine and untouched form.

Koh Samui is called the Island of Coconut Palms. The reasons for its popularity lie in the azure sea, picturesque waterfalls, white beaches. The most popular of them are located in the eastern part of the island with a noisy nightlife and developed infrastructure.

The northern coast with moderate hotel prices is more suitable for families. Lovers of untouched nature should book accommodation in the southern part of the island, completely covered with greenery, with wild beaches. Here is the famous Laem Sor Temple Pagoda in Thailand.

The west coast is famous for its colorful sunsets. Here is the administrative part of the island, the bus station, the main pier, a large local food market.

5. White Temple (Chiang Rai)

Thailand attractions: Top 15 (PHOTO)

The magnificent White Temple is a symbol of nirvana

During the tour, try to get to the White Temple – the most unusual Buddhist building in the north of the country. The famous Thai artist Chalermchayu Kositpipat began its construction in 1997 and continues to this day. Rejecting the funds of sponsors, he uses only his own savings, thus excluding extraneous influence on the design of the structure.

The temple itself and the sculptures in its surroundings are decorated with pieces of mirrors and have a pleasant marble color. The path leading to the entrance is called “the road from hell to paradise” because of the characteristic sculptural design: the hands of naraki stretching out of the ground, the fangs of the demon Rahu, the guards, the bridge over the pond that separates the worlds.

In the temple, in addition to two Buddha statues, you can see murals on the theme of the struggle between good and evil and heroes atypical for the temple: Neo from The Matrix, Batman, the Jedi.

On the territory of the complex there is a pond with fish, many sculptures , art gallery of the founder-artist himself. The roof of the temple is decorated with 4 animals symbolizing different elements.

Check out the beautiful places in Thailand in this wonderful video!

6. Historic City of Sukhothai (Sukothai)

Thailand Attractions: Top -15 (PHOTO)

Historical city of Sukhothai

​​A few hours drive from the capital – and you are in Sukhothai, the historical center of the country. It was once its first capital.

Modern Sukhothai is a small town. But Sukhothai, known as a landmark of Thailand, is 10 km from the first. The pearl of this place is the Sukhothai Historical Park. Its territory is divided into 5 sections. Modern capital life is concentrated in the central part. It is here that the greatest temple of Wat Mahathat is located, crowned with a spire, surrounded by lakes with lotuses and consisting of 200 stupas and dozens of buildings.

In the north of the city is the oldest of the Wat Phra Phai Luang temples, containing elements of Hinduism and Buddhism and consisting from 3 high stupas. Here, in the northern part, you can see a tall (15 m) Buddha statue 11 m wide.

The main temple in the east of the city is Wat Chang Lom. At its base are statues of elephants. At the top of the hill there is a Wat Saphan Khin temple, a stone-paved road leads to it.

7. Doi Inthanon National Park (100 km from Chiang Mai)

Thailand Attractions: Top 15 (PHOTOS)

King Pagoda and Queen Pagoda Park

What to visit in Thailand at its very top? Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in the country, with a height of 2565 m. This iconic place is called the “roof of Thailand”.

400 sq. m. m, on which Doi Inthanon National Park is spread, are replete with waterfalls and tropical forests. Anyone who is tired of the heat should come to this coolness, saturated with extraordinary aromas and clear mountain air. Huge trees, dense thickets of rhododendrons, large bushes of unknown flowers grow in the thick of the jungle.

The beauty of this attraction in Thailand is the opportunity to contemplate nature surrounded by developed infrastructure. At the service of tourists are comfortable bungalows, restaurants, shops.

On the top of the mountain there are two stupas: Brown – the king and Gray – the queen. Located opposite, they look into each other's eyes, and there is something mystical about it. Needless to say, how picturesque are the pictures taken in this place, from this height!

8. Big Buddha (Pattaya)

Thailand Attractions: Top -15 (PHOTOS)

Big Buddha in Pattaya

The question of what to see in Thailand cannot be answered unambiguously. But there is a place that must be included in the excursion program. This is the Big Buddha, the main attraction of Phuket.

The statue, carved from white marble, was erected in honor of Pumpion Adulyadetta, the King of Thailand. Construction started in 2002 continues today. The monument is set at an altitude of 400 m above sea level and has a height of 45 m. A concrete road leads to the foot through the jungle.

There are 2 observation platforms on the 8 hectares that the territory of the complex occupies. One is located at the entrance, the other is at the foot.

This attraction of Thailand has a special charm that attracts tourists. In the temple, which is part of the complex, they sell, in addition to souvenirs, marble tiles. You can write your desire on it, and then they will veneer the statue with it. Few people give up the desire to perpetuate their “I” in such a grandiose monument in a distant mysterious country.

9. Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Bangkok)

Thailand Attractions: Top 15 (PHOTO)< /p> At the Temple of the Reclining Buddha

The popular name – the Temple of the Reclining Buddha – is firmly attached to this attraction of Thailand. In fact, it is called Wat Pho and is the largest and oldest temple in the city.

It is believed that this is where traditional Thai massage originated. The area of ​​the temple occupies about 80 thousand square meters. m, and it is known for its huge sculpture of the reclining Buddha. Its length is 46 m, height – 15 m. But not only it makes this place famous.

Rarely in any temple of the country you will not see statues of a Thai deity. There are more than a thousand of them here. On the temple grounds there are various buildings and chedis (bell-shaped towers), a small park and an artificial pond with a waterfall.

Of tourist interest is only the northern part of the temple, where all the interesting exhibits are stored. Here you can order a Thai massage. Walking around the reclining Buddha and throwing coins into all the vessels located there, tourists make a wish, hoping for its fulfillment. The southern part serves as a dwelling for monks, there is a massage school and outbuildings.

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Thailand attractions: what else to visit while in Thailand

The exoticism of Asia attracts many travelers, but it is important to take the preparatory stage seriously, otherwise you risk booking excursions in Thailand that you will not like. Descriptions and photos of popular attractions on the mainland and different islands will help you make the right choice.

10. James Bond Island (Phuket)

Thailand Attractions: Top 15 (PHOTO)

James Bond Island in Phuket

The appearance of this landmark of Thailand is due to the film about the famous spy. The official name of the island is Koh Tapu. In 1974, another part of the James Bond movie was filmed in Phang Nga Bay, in which this small island of an unusual shape could be observed.

What is remarkable about this island? With its relatively narrow base and the fact that it is impossible to swim up to it, as well as to descend on it. This island-rock, protruding from the water like a wedge, can be seen from a neighboring island.

James Bond Island is sometimes referred to as the neighboring Khao Ping Kan, where the film's finale was filmed. Consisting of two rocks covered with forest, it is connected in the center by a sandy isthmus. In addition to a couple of beaches, there are several more caves.

But Koh Tapu is considered to be the true island named after agent 007. Since 1998, in order to preserve the limestone foundation, boats and long-tail boats have been prohibited from approaching the island. James Bond Island is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful natural places in the world!

11. Temple of Truth (Pattaya)

Thailand Attractions: Top -15 (PHOTO)

Eastern entrance to the mysterious Temple of Truth

What to see in Thailand, different from the main attractions? Visit the Temple of Truth in Pattaya. Its peculiarity is that nails are not used in its creation. And although this fact is only half true (nails are driven in, but only half), the structure looks very impressive. The creators of the project make sure that after the completion of construction, all nails will be removed.

The construction of the temple has been going on for 32 years. Some skeptics do not believe at all that this construction, which began in 1981, will be completed by the projected 2025 deadline. Over time, some elements become unusable, along with the construction they are being restored.

The beauty of this landmark of Thailand is undeniable. The temple is decorated with carved ornaments and figures reproducing plots of Indian and Thai mythology. Each spire, wall, and other elements of this 105-meter structure is endowed with a certain iconic meaning.

The exquisite decor and the abundance of non-standard architectural details make this object very interesting for tourists.

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12. Walking Street (Pattaya)

Thailand Attractions: Top 15 (PHOTO)

Walking Street Nightlife Entertainment

Want to know what to visit in Thailand for a thrilling experience? A walk along Walking Street, the legendary street of Pattaya, will help you immerse yourself in the peculiar life of Thailand, feel the atmosphere of national color.

The nightlife of the city is concentrated in this place. Local sex workers work here, so the street is popular with men.

Entertainment venues await customers at every step. From traditional restaurants and cafes to gay clubs, sex shows and strip bars. Street music sounds here in the early evening, and after sunset the street is lit up with light from thousands of neon signs.

Walking Street is limited by entrance arches, at 18.00 it is blocked, becoming a walking street. Despite the fact that the street is known for its main craft, it is worth seeing.

13. Wat Lan Quad (Khun Khan)

Thailand Attractions: Top -15 (PHOTO)

Wat Lan Kuad Bottle Temple Complex

This landmark of Thailand also has a rather bright history. Translated into Russian, the name means “Temple of a Million Bottles”. Considering that Buddhism prohibits Thais from drinking alcohol, it seems strange that they managed to build such a structure using only beer bottles.

It took several decades to collect the container. Everyone brought empty bottles here – tourists, parishioners, local residents. Not only the temple itself was built from glass containers, but also buildings on its territory (there are about 20 in total), including a toilet. Here are located: the main temple, a ceremony hall, a crematorium, dwellings for monks, rooms for tourists.

As always, the image of the Buddha should be present in the temple. The mosaic depicting him is made of bottle caps, emphasizing the monks' developed ecological awareness.

The number of buildings on the territory of the glass temple is increasing due to the fact that even after the completion of its construction, glass containers continue to be brought here.

14. Wat Prathat Doi Suthep Monastery (Chiang Mai Province)

Thailand Attractions: Top 15 (PHOTO)

Golden Buddha figurines in Wan Phra That Doi Suthep Monastery

The location of this landmark of Thailand is already impressive. Mount Doi Suthep, on which the monastery rises, has a height of 1600 m. The road to it was laid only in 1935, a funicular appeared a little later.

A magnificent building of the XIV century. popular with pilgrims: according to the Buddhist religion, climbing to the top of the mountain, you can get rid of sins. Only for this you need to neglect the car and the cable car and climb 309 steps on foot.

Here you can see a statue of a white elephant, which, according to legend, chose the site for the construction of the monastery. It was he who, with ancient Buddhist relics laid on his back, climbed to the top of Doi Suthep and gave a signal of his choice.

In the monastery you can see the golden figures of the Buddha, the golden chedi, the statue of a hermit, admire the panorama of the city from a height . Visitors are allowed to burn incense, make offerings to monks, ring a bell, which is considered sacred.

15. Phi Phi Islands (48km from Phuket)

Thailand Attractions: Top -15 (PHOTO)

Boat trip to the Phi Phi Islands

There is something to visit in Thailand for tourists who want to enjoy sea excursions. 48 km from about. Phuket, in the Adaman Sea, is a group of 6 small resort islands.

The only inhabited of all is Phi Phi Don – an island with an organized infrastructure, including hotels, restaurants, shops, and various tourist sites. It is conditionally divided into sections, each of which has its own characteristics.

Young people tend to the popular Loch Dalum beach here. They are attracted by nightclubs, massage parlors, beach discos and affordable prices. On Long Beach, on the contrary, connoisseurs of a relaxing holiday come – couples with children, elderly tourists. The deserted beaches of the eastern part of the island are less crowded due to exorbitant prices.

Phi Phi Ley Island is famous for the fact that in 1999 the movie “The Beach” was filmed here. There are no tourist zones on it, but there is a virgin, untouched by civilization nature. Wildlife lovers come here and to other uninhabited islands, getting the opportunity to go diving and snorkeling. While in Thailand, how about visiting Cambodia as well? After all, she is very close! Read about the sights of Cambodia and be inspired to travel further in Asia!

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