Thailand begins closing beaches due to threat to tourists

Thailand began to close the beaches because of the threat to tourists

The beaches of Thailand were “decorated” with red flags prohibiting swimming. The beaches began to close due to three-meter waves that pose a threat to tourists. True, so far, the Thai media have only reported on the closure of beaches in the province of Trang, near Phuket on the Thai mainland. However, the island, beloved by Russian tourists, has its own bans.

The reason is torrential rains and strong winds, which cause waves at sea. The bans were imposed on the beaches of Pak Meng, Chao Mai and Yao, and in general the beaches located in the local coastal zone, including in the Chao Mai National Park. At the same time, the rest of the tourist infrastructure – shops and other enterprises in the park remain open to serve tourists, but access to the sea is closed for them. As a result, local entrepreneurs complain about a serious loss of tourists in the area. However, the ban will be in effect until the weather improves.

Phuket has also introduced its own bans. There is no official announcement about the closure of the beaches yet, however, boats and boats with a length of less than 10 meters are prohibited from leaving the coast of Phuket due to severe weather conditions. The ban will last at least until the end of Saturday.

Recall that the rainy season in Thailand continues to present unpleasant surprises: 43 provinces are already under attack from “potential dangers during a downpour”, including resort ones. Tourists are urged to avoid dangers and be careful on land and at sea. According to the Thai Meteorological Department, warnings have been issued due to continuous rain in 43 provinces of Thailand, or 70% of the region. Locals and tourists are being urged to be careful due to potential hazards during the downpour, including landslides and flash floods. At sea, tourists are also being urged to be careful: waves of 2-3 meters are expected in the upper Andaman Sea, waves of more than 3 meters during storms and waves of 1-2 meters in the lower Andaman Sea. and upper reaches of the Gulf of Thailand. Read the details at this link.

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