Thailand bikini ban sparks protest

Thailand's bikini ban triggered a wave of protests: the reaction was not long in coming

“No bikinis: respect our culture” is such a sign, much to the surprise of tourists, appeared in Thailand, on the beach of Koh Samae San. A photo with this sign went viral on Facebook, banned in Russia, as a result, the Royal Thai Navy, which acts as the caretaker of the islands, was forced to answer sharp questions from tourists.

The representative of the navy emphasized that the island is dedicated to environmental and ecological tourism, and not traditional beach tourism. Other “destructive types of tourism” are also not allowed on the island: it is forbidden to drink, have parties, etc. on the beaches. as a peaceful nature reserve and prevent it from becoming a beach party destination.

As for the sign that says “No Bikinis. Please respect our culture,” Thai Navy officials responded more tolerantly to the outraged tourists. There is no official ban on bikinis on the beaches of the island. However, tourists are urged to “be more humble and respectful of Thai culture” and “maybe consider wearing different beach attire.” However, they promised to replace the signs and wording with them.

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