Thailand decided to abandon the most hated requirement by tourists

Thailand has decided to abandon the most hated demand by tourists

Thailand, despite the previous strictness, is still confidently heading towards the abandonment of “antique” measures, and in the near future plans to abandon the most hated requirement for tourists – the mask regime. After two years of mandatory indoor and outdoor masks, Thailand intends to end the mandatory mask requirement by mid-June, said Dr. Kiattipum Wongrachit, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health.

“The ministry is considering lifting the mandatory mask regime as early as mid-June, given the ever-improving Covid-19 situation in Thailand,” he said. After that, wearing masks, as they say in the Moscow metro, “will be advisory, not mandatory” in three cases: for those infected and those at risk, in a closed and poorly ventilated area and in crowded places.

< p> Experts separately emphasize that the rejection of masks can be of great importance for the recovery of the tourism industry in Thailand. The Thai side estimated that tourists were so intolerant of the mask rules that they even refrained from traveling if there was a risk that they could be fined for not wearing a mask, especially in open areas such as beaches. And in Thailand, this was the case, with refusal to wear a face mask could result in a fine of 20,000 baht.

At the conference, the ministry confirmed that Thailand plans to declare Covid-19 an endemic disease in the coming months, as planned. That’s about it, if Thai officials once again don’t “turn on the back”, then most of the covid rules will be canceled by mid-June.

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