Thailand officially reminded tourists how to get their money back

Thailand has officially reminded tourists how to get their money back

Since Thailand opened up to tourists, the number of VAT refunds on their purchases has increased dramatically. This experiment was recognized as so successful that Thailand decided to officially remind tourists how to get their money back.

More than 423,000 tourists received VAT refunds totaling 1.2 billion baht in 2022, according to the Thai press, citing a speech by Revenue Department CEO Lavaron Sangsnit. And 2023 has already shown results, with VAT refunds granted to 273,000 tourists worth 700 million baht.

Tourists were also reminded that the Department offers three options for VAT refunds:

  1. Return at the airport: goods worth at least 2,000 baht (including VAT) must be purchased from shops with a sign “VAT refund for tourists”. On the day of purchase, tourists must present their passports and ask the sales assistant to issue an Application for a VAT refund for tourists in the form (PP10) with original tax invoices. On the day of departure, tourists must present the goods and form PP10 with original tax invoices to the customs officer for verification before check-in. At the same time, expensive jewelry and other luxury items must be declared to the Customs Inspectorate.
  2. VAT refund by mail: tourists can send the necessary documents to the VAT refund bureau for tourists, and payment of the refund is made by credit card transfer. What is not a fact is what is real for Russian tourists.
  3. VAT refund through VAT refund agents in the city center: located in leading department stores throughout the country. “Since January 2020, the department has been using blockchain technology to refund VAT to foreign tourists, speed up refunds, and encourage repeat visits. Many stores are now issuing electronic PP10 forms, allowing travelers to file VAT refunds directly through the Thailand VRT application powered by the blockchain. Reimbursement payments are made electronically via Alipay, WeChat or by transfer to a credit card account,” Thai experts explained.

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