Thailand on high alert

Thailand declared high alert

The rainy season has brought tourists another nuisance: Thailand has again declared a high alert. This time the cause is Tropical Storm Talim and its aftermath. The Thai press cites another warning from the Thai Meteorological Department to tourists.

Everyone in the country, including tourists, was warned about heavy rains that will last from now until about July 20th. Downpours are also fraught with flash floods and flooding. At sea, bad weather will bring storms and high waves.

“Tropical storm Talim, which originated in the southern strip of the South China Sea, is gradually intensifying and moving to the northwest. The storm is expected to approach Hainan Island, and rainfall will fall in the upper part of Vietnam tomorrow and Tuesday, ”the meteorologists also warned.

As for Thailand itself, several popular provinces are under attack at once. Heavy downpours await the province of Krabi, along the entire southern coast to “face the storm.” Chiang Mai, as well as Bangkok and its environs, will be under the “main blow” of a thunderstorm front, meteorologists also warned.

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