That's all: in the most popular country where Russians flee, it has become much more expensive to obtain citizenship

That's it: in the most popular country where Russians flee, it has become much more expensive to obtain citizenship< /p>Russian migrant tourists fleeing Russia from sanctions will need a fatter wallet to get a residence permit in the most popular country for this at the moment – Turkey. According to Ahval, the country's government has increased the minimum amount that foreigners must invest in real estate to qualify for citizenship to $400,000, almost double the amount under the old rules. Those. The window of opportunity has effectively closed.

More recently, the entry threshold was $250,000. But according to the decision published in the Official Gazette last week, it was upgraded. Changes in legislation will be made within one month. The reason – as the publication clarifies – is in the immigrants themselves, that is, in the demand they have caused for new and existing homes, which has clearly overheated the real estate market.

Because of this, many Turkish citizens can no longer afford to buy a house or apartment. Prices soared almost 100% a year. Also, the price was affected by Turkish inflation and the depreciation of the lira – we recall that the Turkish currency lost almost 44%.

Foreigners can also apply for citizenship by investing at least $500,000 in assets, including Turkey's private pension system. The minimum investment period is three years.

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