The authorities dealt a blow to the tour operator Zelensky: 23 companies left the market with him

The authorities dealt a blow to the tour operator Zelensky: 23 companies left the market with him

The name of one of the tour operators deleted from the Federal Register of Outbound Tour Operators by the latest order of the Federal Tourism Agency attracted the attention of experts. Ironically, the name of the tour operator, which was punished for failure to provide reports, used the name Zelensky, which is now more commonly associated with the Ukrainian president, although in this case there was probably a case of mere coincidence: the founder of the company is most likely his namesake.

According to Rostourism, which represents the Russian authorities in the tourism industry and is its regulator, the Zelensky Corporate Travel Solutions travel agency has been removed from the register of traveling companies for failure to provide reports. Also under this article, Zhiatour LLC is also crossed out.

As for the rest of the tour operators – and, according to the latest order, there were 21 firms – here everything is more banal. The reason for deleting them from the register is the same problem of financial guarantees, i.e. failure to provide information about the availability of financial security for a new period.

Among the victims are companies such as:

  1. Compass Tour Service LLC,
  2. Rechflot LLC,
  3. Red Dragon LLC
  4. Vostochny Express LLC
  5. Amy LLC
  6. Team Travel LLC
  7. LLC Kruzenshtern
  8. JSC Northern Suburban Passenger Company
  9. Non-profit corporate organization “Association of children's camps and health resorts of the Krasnodar Territory”
  10. State budgetary institution of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan “State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve “Sviyazhsk Island City”
  11. Nihao Elosy LLC
  12. Universal Tourism LLC
  13. Krauss LLC Plus
  14. Vesyoloy Journey LLC
  15. ProfAlliance LLC
  16. Fifty-Two Seventeen Irkutsk LLC
  17. Elbrus Elevation LLC »
  18. Vuala Studio LLC
  19. Hobby Tour LLC
  20. Aksi Excursion Bureau LLC
  21. Kurortny Otdykh LLC

Note that this number of those who left the market is far from a record: 58 tour operators were crossed out by the last order. Read the details at the link.

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