The best sights of Baden-Baden (PHOTOS)

Best sights Baden-Baden (PHOTO)

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In the view of many travelers, the resort is associated with something fashionable, luxurious and, to some extent, alienated from inquisitive tourists. In fact, the cozy town, which has a worthy reputation even outside of Germany, has been welcoming guests from all over the world for more than two hundred years and presents their eyes with delightful landscapes, exquisite museums and exhibitions, unique hydropathics, and also offers to try local cuisine and discover German flavor. If you are sightseeing in Germany, then you will not pass by this picturesque place! It remains only to choose from a wide range of picturesque sights in Baden-Württemberg, and spend time to your heart's content.

The best sights in Baden-Baden (PHOTOS)

City of Baden-Baden, Germany Fox Wu

You will appreciate the sights of Baden-Baden and enjoy the resort to the fullest if:

    you prefer a mild climate for relaxation; you are an ardent admirer of the casino; you are interested in Russian literature, in particular I. Turgenev, L. Tolstoy, F. Dostoevsky, and would like to understand what attracted great writers to this town; plan to devote time to self-care and visit hydropathic clinics; you are open to unforgettable experiences.

The best sights in Baden-Baden (PHOTO)

Alley in the park of Baden-Baden in Germany Van Hesselgesser

A characteristic feature of this delightful city near the Black Forest is the fact that it is able to surprise tourists of all ages, single adventurers and families couples, daredevils and elegant vacationers. “Resort-Legend” keeps up with the times, helps to take a break and forget about the routine, and more…

However, first things first.

The crowning sights of Baden-Baden: thermal springs

The best sights in Baden-Baden (PHOTOS)

Trinkhalle Baden-Baden in Germany Gerd Eichmann

Even at normal times, we don't mind soaking in the bath and washing away the stress of the day's work. Needless to say, how wonderful it is when this ritual can be made useful not only for the soul, but also for the body. The land of Baden-Württemberg in Germany is known for its sights that can provide not only aesthetic pleasure, but also significantly improve the well-being of vacationers. Geothermal springs are a natural and natural way to get rid of general weakness, lethargy; they are also effective in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, chronic female diseases, and circulatory disorders. If, fortunately, you do not observe such symptoms in yourself, it is worth visiting the warm mineral waters to tone your body.

The best sights of Baden-Baden (PHOTO)

Thermal complex “Caracalla” in Baden- Baden Gerd Eichmann

Official website:

It is noteworthy that back in the 18th century, such procedures were available exclusively to the upper class of refined society, and centuries later they are available to everyone. Two thermal complexes are considered world famous: Caracalla and Friedrichsbad. Do not hesitate to visit one of them and feel the beauty of healthy relaxation! And if you still have doubts, then trust the opinion of experts – in 2002, the first-class resort infrastructure of the city was awarded the Five Star Diamond Award.

Be sure to watch this beautiful video about Baden-Baden!

Exquisite Leisure: Cultural Attractions of Baden-Württemberg

Excursions in Baden-Baden include museums and art galleries in their itinerary. They are ideal for thoughtful travelers who are able to leave the hustle and bustle for a while and immerse themselves in the world of treasures of past eras. Baden-Württemberg in Germany offers many attractions, opportunities to discover a galaxy of exquisite masterpieces known throughout the world.

The best sights in Baden-Baden (PHOTOS)

Faberge Museum in Baden-Baden, Germany 3268zauber

One of the first points on your itinerary may be the Faberge Museum, founded by the famous Russian collector Alexander Nikolaevich Ivanov. Consisting exclusively of works by Carl Faberge, it has been welcoming guests for more than eight years. More than 700 unique exhibits are presented to the attention of art lovers. Of course, you can also find fine handmade eggs that the world admires.

Official website: http://www.faberge-museum.

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Russian Orthodox Church in Baden-Baden, Germany Gerd Eichmann

Admirers of the native culture, namely its spiritual aspect, will undoubtedly be pleased with the old Russian church, which has been preserved in impeccable condition since 1882. The Sunday parish school with Russian language lessons, the refectory and the library are freely available to everyone.

Official website:

Best sights in Baden-Baden (PHOTOS)

Theater in Baden-Baden, Germany Till.niermann

The main stage, the city theater in the style of the Paris Opera, is also worth a look. It surprises with its elegance, and, despite its modest size, it is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. It was here that Franz Liszt and Isadora Duncan, as well as many other masters of art, received applause.

“Summer Capital of Europe”: Baden-Baden's Gambling Attraction

Best attractions in Baden-Baden (PHOTOS)

Casino in Baden-Baden, Germany Louisch

Feel like a part of the high society of past centuries and plunge into the sweet atmosphere of a heady win offers the casino “Kurhaus” in 1824 – the oldest gambling establishment and the main attraction of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Pompous canvases, luxurious chandeliers and a mysterious atmosphere – this and much more attracts famous visitors to a respectable institution. The couple Beckham, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Russian classics Gogol and Tolstoy, and these are far from all connoisseurs of exquisite play. Marlene Dietrich once called the Kurhaus “the most beautiful casino in the world,” and this great woman knows what she is talking about. Even those who are indifferent to gambling tables will find it interesting to visit a restaurant, pavilions or a dance hall. The sights of Baden-Baden are so multifaceted and delightful that time is powerless against them.

The best sights of Baden-Baden (PHOTOS)

Casino game room in Baden-Baden, Germany A.Savin

Official website: http://kurhaus-badenbaden.

To fully convey the charm of the sights of Baden near Vienna, a cursory story is not enough. Highly qualified Baden-Baden guides with solid experience and experience in matters of aesthetic travel pleasure can orient you in the best samples of German culture and choose those that will interest you the most. If you prefer an independent approach in everything, there are a lot of photos of Baden-Baden sights on the Internet that will let you know if this or that object is interesting for you.

Key points and subtleties of the trip

After reviewing the impressive list of places of interest in Baden, as in Switzerland, another direction of travel, you should scrupulously approach the organization of travel. Particular attention deserves familiarization with the German mentality and everyday life. This will save the tourist from uncomfortable situations and make visiting a cozy city even more comfortable.

Best sights in Baden-Baden (PHOTOS)

Quiet street in Baden-Baden, Germany fionasjournal

The following tips are compiled by experienced tourists, following which you will not be embarrassed during your stay in a picturesque town:

    Always carry identification documents with you. They may be needed when paying for purchases with a credit card or during checks, which are considered the norm in Germany; keep in mind that you are unlikely to be able to do shopping on Sunday. Most outlets and shops are closed on this day; when staying at a hotel or a hotel, remember that the checkout time starts at 12:00; in case you went on a trip in your own car, be especially attentive to the rules of the road. German scrupulousness in matters of security will not tolerate negligence; It is customary to leave a tip always, regardless of the level of the establishment. The amount should not be grandiose – 5-10% of the order is enough; in Baden-Württemberg, as in all of Germany, the public transport network is extremely developed. If you set a goal to see as many iconic places as possible, you should not rush and resort to taxi services, especially since public transport is very punctual.

In general, you should not forget about the well-known rules of any trip – to correctly plan the route, follow the rules of etiquette and do not forget about a good mood. It will not be superfluous to improve your foreign language skills for your own comfort on the road.

The best sights of Baden-Baden (PHOTOS)

Rose Garden in the city of Baden-Baden, Germany Bäderstadt

A picturesque town among luxurious nature – Baden-Baden has been delighting tourists with its uniqueness for many generations. Due to the close interweaving with Russian culture, reverent attitude to cultural heritage, the fragrant Baden-Baden is able to surprise the most selective tourist. Whether it's a leisurely walk along the legendary Lichtentaler alley, or exciting horseback riding, the most diverse leisure activities will make you forget about the hustle and bustle of business, and immerse you in a relaxing atmosphere of true relaxation. Read also about the sights of Bamberg and get inspired for your next trip to Germany.

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