The cabin of the plane was enveloped in dense fog, causing a commotion

The interior of the aircraft was enveloped in thick fog, causing a commotion

A real commotion among tourists was caused by a mysterious thick fog that enveloped the cabin of the aircraft with passengers on board. The corresponding video was posted on the TikTok account by one of the eyewitnesses. The incident occurred on board the flight of the British low-cost airline EasyJet, which was heading from Nice on the south coast of France to London Gatwick Airport on July 21.

Interest in the video, published by a user under the nickname @marram_grass on July 22, and by the end of August, gained a huge number of views and comments – in a word, the excitement around the video does not subside. The footage shows how fog escapes from the side vents, and a cloud forms on the ceiling of the cabin. Passengers at this time seemed to be calm: some sat in their seats, while others reached out with their hands to the overhead luggage compartments.

Users were alarmed by what they saw. But there were also those who could give a clear explanation. “It’s not smoke!” some users reassured others. Soon a representative of the carrier and the public intervened, explaining that the mysterious fog was, in fact, an absolutely safe phenomenon: “On board the aircraft, you can sometimes see how the air conditioning system cools and condenses warm air from the outside, which passengers could see on this flight from Nice to Gatwick. We can confirm that it is absolutely safe for everyone on board. The safety of our passengers and crew is our highest priority.”

The experts explained that such scenes are the result of the normal functioning of the air conditioning system on hot and humid days. It is important to note that this phenomenon is not new: a similar situation was filmed back in pre-Covid 2019 on a Delta Air Lines flight. Former National Transportation Aviation Safety Board staffer Alan Yurman told CBS News at the time: “When the air conditioning is on and the air is cold enough to match cabin temperature, condensation starts.”

“Saw it once, it's harmless , but frightening”, “This is quite normal”, “I was on a similar flight and was so worried that I had never seen this before, but the stewards assured me that it was just condensation in the air conditioner,” such comments were left by users.

This event, despite its mysterious nature, ultimately emphasized the importance of educating and informing tourists about the processes taking place on board aircraft so that passengers do not clutch their heads and do not panic.

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