The city with the most rats in the world has become a popular tourist destination

The city with the most rats in the world has proven to be a popular tourist destination

Cities popular among tourists topped the rating, which is not the most pleasant for tourists – the top 5 cities with the highest number of rats. It included such popular cities as London and Paris, as well as Chicago and Los Angeles, and the Indian city of Deshnok, where rats are considered sacred animals, took only fifth place, unlike the cities of civilized countries. Such data was given by the British newspaper Express. At the same time, it is tourist popularity that contributes to the growth in the number of rodents, since thanks to tourists, public catering outlets “breed” – from restaurants to fast food, and this, in turn, increases the amount of food waste that rats feed on.

“Don't worry, on an average city street, you're about six feet away from at least one rat. But as a rule, you will not see it, ”specialists of the Pointe Pest Control company, which compiled this rating, opened the rating with such a statement. The top 5 cities with the most rodents are as follows.

Chicago – the city has repeatedly received the title of “the most rat city in the world”, which was confirmed by data received from Orkin, a pest control company. One of the reasons for the sharp increase in the rodent population was called inefficient waste disposal in the most densely populated areas. And besides, “it is possible that rats are also fans of the famous city pizza, which is the first thing many tourists in Chicago want to try,” experts noted.

Los Angeles is another popular city where the rat population “goes wild”. Here, experts blame, among other things, the adopted ban on toxic rat poisons – it led to a sharp increase in the rodent population.

London, in turn, was called “the most rat city in Europe”, some believe that at least 20 million of these caudates live in it, whose “processions” are periodically caught on video.

Paris – here the rat population totals , according to experts, at least 6 million. At the same time, as experts assure, tourists and the French love for gastronomy are to blame. The key to the survival of rats is the garbage cans of restaurants and the remains of other fast food.

And finally, Indian Deshnok is in fifth place, mainly the original reason for the growth of its rat population. The fact is that rats are sacred in the city – there is a Hindu temple of Karni Mata, where about 20,000 rats that are considered saints live – they are fed, taken care of, and some pilgrims even go specially to make offerings to the sacred rats. By the way, tourists are also allowed into the temple…

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