The collapse of hopes: in Thailand they outdid everyone, going against common sense and the global trend

Crush of hopes: in Thailand they surpassed everyone, going against common sense and the global trend

Thai health officials are not ready to abandon the policy of covid restrictions for tourists: although Thailand is trying to simplify the entry of tourists as much as possible, the position of the local Operational Headquarters goes against the global trend to cancel the pandemic. In particular, it was decided to keep the notorious Thai Pass, which a tourist must receive before flying to the Kingdom, until the end of June – and this is at least. Thus, Thailand has surpassed all other popular tourist destinations, maintaining covid restrictions for tourists, and for the local tourism industry, this has actually become a collapse of hopes for the coming summer.

“All foreign tourists will still need to apply for a Thai Pass and get approval before they can come to Thailand. Fully vaccinated travelers will still need to upload their passport and vaccination details, as well as proof of a $10,000 Covid insurance policy,” official sources say. The document is issued by officials of the Department of Disease Control and Prevention and usually takes from several hours to 3 days. At the same time, they promise to “digitize” its design in June, which is also fraught with problems.

At the same time, Thailand officially maintains an emergency situation, which can result in tightening measures at any time. “It was decided to extend the emergency decree for another 2 months, at least until the end of July. The emergency decree allows the CCSA (Center for Covid-19 Situation Management), chosen by the government and led by the Prime Minister of Thailand, to make quick decisions on the go without consulting Parliament. It also allows the CCSA to set and change restrictions and guidelines (like wearing masks or closing bars) when it meets twice a month,” Thai sources explain.

That is, a constant threat remains over tourism – and it reacts. From April 29 to May 19, 521,139 new Thai Pass applications were received. 6789 of them are still being processed, the rest are either approved or rejected. The number of international arrivals also passed the 1 million mark this week YTD, roughly 60-70% of them are “pure tourists”. This is well below the average of 3.3 million arrivals per month during 2019, when there were about 39.6 million international arrivals for the year.

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