The curse of two vices struck the resort beloved by Russians: the government was urged to end mass tourism

The curse of two vices struck the resort beloved by Russians: the government was urged to end mass tourism

“Do we want to remain a playground for vice?” – such a question was asked in the Indian media by local politicians about the resort of Goa. According to the printed statement, the resort is mostly perceived as a place for sex tourism and drug tourism – and this, to put it mildly, does not suit everyone. As a result, the government is urged to seriously consider whether such mass tourism is necessary for India in general and for the state of Goa in particular.

“Tourism is a lifeline, accounting for nearly 40% of the state's GDP. Our state has made a choice in favor of mass tourism. To do this, we have changed all the rules, regulations and laws,” the authors of the appeal say. However, mass cheap tourism has brought here all the vices – among them drugs, sex tourism and gambling. It all started back in the 60s, when Goa was chosen by hippies, but still “does not plan to decline”. Vice versa. The National Crime Records Bureau for 2020 highlighted that sex tourism in Goa is the highest in the country (per capita).

“The government in Goa claims that casinos and nightlife are the driving forces of our economy. But the nightlife is notorious for rave parties, where MDMA, a popular “club drug,” is freely available. They recall that the UK has banned this type of party, and similar laws have been introduced in the US – all in order to combat drugs.

The authors of the appeal also complain that the tiny state is increasingly being seen as a place for sex tourists . Moreover, the locals “have also developed vested interests in this vice associated with mass tourism.”

“We are responsible for the fact that the whole of Goa received the status of a sin city. The unbridled growth of tourism in a small state of about 16 million people turned into a disaster. Goa is on the verge of losing its brand value. We have to make a clear choice – do we want to continue to be a playground of vices just to increase traffic or get a new and better image? – the authors cry out.

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