The date announced when tourists will be able to call their phone and connect to the Internet on airplanes

The date announced when tourists will be able to call their phone and connect to the Internet on airplanes

Already in the summer season of 2023, tourists will be able to make calls from an airplane, as well as connect to the Internet, etc. At least when it comes to European flights. This was stated in the British Express, citing the fact that by next summer the EU should provide its countries with 5G, which will be able to connect to special technology that allows tourists to make phone calls, connect to Wi-Fi, access social networks, etc. from the aircraft. True, experts are sure that the service will most likely not be free – and they doubt whether it will give pleasure to all passengers.

Experts remind that so far, in most cases, tourists will be asked to turn off their gadgets or put them on airplane mode. The only way to connect with the world – and not on all ships – is to pay for expensive Wi-Fi.

However, at the end of November, the EU announced that airlines would soon be allowed to provide 5G on flights. As a result, within the EU, the flight mode may no longer be necessary, and tourists will be able to use their smartphone without restrictions during flights. Moreover, the deadline for the entry into force of this measure has already been announced – and this is June 30, 2023. That is, most of the summer season will have already passed after the introduction of this measure.

According to experts, a special technology will connect aircraft with a mobile network on the ground via satellite. Once the equipment is installed on the ships, passengers will be able to use their phones using mobile data. True, it is not yet known whether the connection service will be free for passengers – most likely not – and how much it will be inferior in price to Wi-Fi, which is already available, but not cheap – British Airways charges from 1.99 pounds (more than 150 rubles) There is also the question of roaming and other things. And finally, experts are wondering how comfortable flights will become – taking into account those who like to watch children's programs without headphones and just make noisy phone calls.

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