The discovery of this country caused an unprecedented stir among the Russians

The discovery of this country has caused an unprecedented stir among the Russians

Excitement in demand for visas to Finland has been blocked by tour operators. According to the statement of ATOR Executive Director Maia Lomidze, “the discovery of the opportunity to travel to Finland and Estonia made our tourists very happy.” So far, the level of demand is not comparable with 2019, but there are fewer opportunities to obtain a visa and free slots in the visa center. Which leads to the corresponding consequences.

“There is, as observers of the tourism market estimated, a rush demand for Finnish visas. In St. Petersburg, it is already impossible to sign up, only for the second half of August, ”Maya Lomidze said on the air of Radio Moscow Speaks.

Let us remind you that demand should increase from July 15, when the Russian side will completely remove covid restrictions on exits. At the same time, experts predicted that pandemonium was expected at the border in the first days. Read the details at the link.

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