The Dutchman came to Russia and understood why dachas are popular among Russians

The Dutchman came to Russia and understood why dachas are popular among Russians

Arriving in Russia, the Dutchman met his mother-in-law, who invited him to the dacha to help with gardening and home improvement. He shared his impressions and conclusions on why dachas are so popular among Russians in the Zen channel “Dutch in Russia”.

Mahil from Holland received from his mother-in-law a whole list of tasks for a month and a half, including picking raspberries and cherries, weeding, pruning and digging up raspberry bushes, painting the house. At first, the foreigner thought that the above was simple, and in some places even tasty, but in fact he faced a number of difficulties.

Weeding the weeds was boring for the Dutchman, he even thought: “What did I agree to ?!”, but then conversations with a neighbor began to entertain him. They began with a simple phrase, “Does it twitch well?”, which the foreigner took for a typical Russian reason to start a conversation. “In Holland, when they want to talk, they start with “Lekker weertje, hè?” (Good weather, no?), but at dachas in Russia: “Does it twitch well?”,” he writes.

Makhil liked picking raspberries and eating them right from the bush at the same time much more, but with cherries turned out difficult. To get to the upper branches, he had to overcome his fear of heights and climb onto the roof of the bathhouse. “Scary, but delicious,” he described the process.

Painting the house, including the wall, stairs, balcony and second floor, took two days. Even the children helped in the process, and everyone liked the result.

After the completion of the work, the Dutchman wondered why Russians love dachas so much if they have to work so hard? He found the answer in the question itself, at the same time remembering the words of his wife's grandfather: “We must work! Labor made a man out of a monkey.”

Dutch, according to the Dutchman, can be loved because:

  • it is an outdoor sport;
  • after the most delicious kebabs;
  • the whole year there are delicious natural products in the house.

Meanwhile, the Dutchman presents his dacha somewhat different: without growing vegetables and beds, but with fruit trees and outdoor recreation. “Maybe when I get old, I really want to work in the garden. And then I will share with you my summer adventures, ”he added in conclusion.

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