The fate of entry into Thailand for tourists will be decided in a week

The fate of entry into Thailand for tourists will be decided in a week

The last obstacle on the way of entry of tourists into Thailand – the tired Thailand Pass, is planned to be completely canceled on July 1. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism of Thailand Phiipat Ratchakitprakan. The minister added that a decision would be made at the next meeting of the Covid-19 Situation Management Center (CCSA) next Friday, June 17 – exactly one week later. The ministry expects that if foreigners are allowed to enter the country using only a passport, “like in the good old days”, then their number will increase significantly.

Recall that for now, all foreign tourists must receive this pass. To do this, they need to go to the Thailand Pass website, upload their passport details, proof of covid-19 insurance covering $10,000, and a vaccination certificate or negative test to receive a QR code they can use on entry.< /p>

Thailand Pass is considered one of the biggest hurdles to revitalizing Thailand's tourism industry, and the tourism minister is confident that Thailand will reach 30,000 tourists a day if the scheme is cancelled. He was also supported by the head of the Thailand Tourism Authority, Yuthasak Supasorn, who gathered the opinion of the Thai tourism industry.

Travel industry professionals “have no doubt that without the confusion and documents associated with the Thailand Pass, potential foreign tourists will be more inclined to pack your bags and go to Thailand.” True, they also express fears – that instead of the Thailand Pass, “new red tape will be introduced.”

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