The flight attendant announced the list of professions that make it possible to upgrade the class of service on the plane

The flight attendant reported the list of professions that give an opportunity to upgrade the class of service on the plane

List of professions that give a free upgrade in the form of an upgrade or flight attendant Sierra listed other benefits in the Express newspaper.

The crew member explained that there are actually “many ways to get a free upgrade to a comfortable seat above the class, but one of the most effective methods stands out among them, which few people know about. According to the girl, if the tourist is healthy, he can inform the employee at the gate or the flight attendant about his profession. If the tourist is a firefighter, policeman, doctor or nurse, paramedic, military personnel and aviation employee, the chances of a better place are very high, the expert assured.

Since the profession involves helping people, flight attendants can “peck” on this and put the passenger in such a way that in case of an unforeseen situation, this same traveler can quickly respond and help the crew. “All you need to do is just tell the employee at the boarding gate about your profession,” she clarified. If, after the message “you are not promoted to first class, then at least they will put you in a row at the emergency exit, where there is a lot of legroom and much more space to rest.”

Nevertheless, the stewardess urged tourists, those who have received privileges, remember their duty: in the event of an emergency, they will have to help evacuate passengers from the aircraft or assist in resolving emergency situations. “Just know that in an emergency you have to help us,” she added.

A free upgrade is also available to travelers whose flight has been delayed or cancelled. Sometimes generous airlines offer benefits to such “victims”. “Given that flights are overbooked, you can easily negotiate much more from employees,” the flight attendant said. For example, airlines provide passengers with “money and other benefits, such as free hotels if they have to wait until the next day for a flight, free meals and free upgrades to first class” as compensation. Carriers do not distribute such surprises right and left, but in some situations you can count on them.

In addition, good manners in communicating with aviation personnel are recognized as a working method. So, small presents to flight attendants in the form of chocolate or gift cards can “work wonders.” For example, crew member Miguel Munoz admitted to the publication that after receiving a small sweet gift, he “automatically becomes kinder to the person who made such a nice gesture,” and that he “always offers free coffee and tea to a tourist, and if there are better empty seats, we will relocate.”

Who else could be in for a transfer to a better seat on a long-haul flight is the passengers sitting at the back of the plane. Sometimes they are given an unofficial upgrade due to extra weight in the tail and the balance of the ship – in this case, tourists are transferred from the last rows forward. The flight attendant explained that when they move people around the cabin, “it's not just because we're being polite, but usually, if our flight is full, we have to transfer passengers to ensure the weight and balance of the plane.”

Life hacks voiced by flight attendants work, but not always. If the outcome is positive, the lucky ones are transferred to a higher class salon, they bring coffee, tea, and they also give champagne. There are corresponding posts of satisfied tourists in social networks.

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