The flight attendant called 5 mistakes that will ruin the vacation already on the plane

A flight attendant named 5 mistakes that will ruin a vacation already on a plane

A vacation can be ruined before it even starts, said flight attendant Beth Windsor, who has been working for 10 years major airlines including British Airways. According to her Reddit post, there are five of the most common mistakes that will poison a vacation already on a plane.

Let's talk about them in more detail:

Mistake 1 – walking barefoot< /strong>

One of the biggest mistakes tourists make is walking barefoot on an airplane, even though the floors on board an airliner are one of the dirtiest parts of an airplane. This means that a tourist can pick up any infection. “If the plane gets into turbulence when you are in a small restroom, it can lead to a mess that you probably don’t want to go into, especially barefoot,” the blogger added.

Error 2 – use the pockets in the chairs

The flight attendant also advised not to use the pockets provided on the seats, even if it seems that there is nowhere else to put your things during the flight. She warned that the contents of the pockets are very rarely checked and, therefore, these fabric compartments are rarely cleaned. According to her, one day she looked inside one of them and came across “dirty diapers and underwear.”

Mistake 3 – drinking water from the tap on the plane

The flight attendant recommended that tourists watch what kind of water they drink on board. If it is bottled water, you can exhale and relax. However, if the flight attendant brought a glass of water, then it should be discarded due to hygiene reasons. An airline employee cited publicly available research, according to which the water from the tanks on the plane may contain dangerous bacteria, since they are almost never cleaned. “I felt good after drinking boiled water on the plane. However, one day I drank straight from the tap and got up close and personal with the toilet on the plane,” she said.

Booking a bulkhead seat might seem like a great solution to get extra legroom without paying for it. However, this action comes with the risk of screaming babies, as parents often book seats in the front as bassinet seats can fit in them.

Help: The bulkhead in an aircraft is the dividing wall between classes, for example, between “business” and “economy”. In other words, the seats in the bulkhead are those in the row immediately behind the wall.

Mistake 5 – getting drunk

Even if the tourists think they are different If you have a high alcohol tolerance, drinking on an airplane is a different experience, as low cabin pressure can lower blood oxygen levels. This means that travelers get drunk much faster in the air than on the ground. In addition, usually drunk tourists become extremely bold and violent, which creates problems and even disruptions in flights. For debauchery, passengers in extreme intoxication are usually expelled from flights. According to the flight attendant, those who want to relax and drink can take a dose of alcohol, but very small, and drink water the rest of the time.

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