The flight attendant called a free drink that tourists should never choose on the plane

The stewardess named a free drink that tourists should never choose on the plane

Do not drink water on the plane, which is served free on board, urged tourists stewardess with 22 years of experience in the air Sue Fogwell. According to her, asking for water from the staff is one of the main mistakes that passengers make in flight. The expert told Travel + Leisure about this.

As the flight attendant noted, the fact that she herself once refused this drink for the period of work means a lot, she assured. What is the reason? Free water on flights comes from tanks that are never cleaned, and as a result, the liquid stored there becomes stale.

The water in the jugs on the flight attendants' carts has the same origin, so she also advised this drink refuse. What then to drink? It is better to prefer bottled paid water. “Sometimes during flights we ran out of bottled water. If you see a pitcher of water on the economy class drinks cart, skip it – it's from the water tank,” she told the publication.

At the same time, flight attendant Sierra Mistt shared a similar warning on her TikTok account. The girl urged travelers not to drink hot drinks on the plane. “If we are not desperate, we will not drink the coffee or tea served on the plane. The water we use for coffee and tea comes from the same place, and guess what? It (the reservoir) is never cleaned,” she shared.

However, a blogger flight attendant from Sun Online Travel countered with his colleagues, saying that the water in the plane is not as bad as everyone thinks. “I know people who have been flying for over 50 years who drank hot water all the time and never experienced any problems. You will notice that we mostly enjoy drinking it in tea and coffee, which we need to keep us awake during a long flight, so there is no reason why you should not do the same, ”he reassured.

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