The flight attendant explained why the cabin is often very cold

The stewardess explained why the cabin is often very cold

A flight even to a hot country will not do without warm clothes. Flying in an airplane in shorts and a T-shirt alone will not work, because. otherwise, tourists will freeze to the bone: it is often very cold in the cabin of an airliner during a flight. Flight attendant Kristi Karbel told the New York Times that this is the work of the airlines and named the reasons for intentionally keeping the cold on board the aircraft.

“Here's the secret of the stewardess: we sometimes intentionally cool the plane. For people who struggle with airsickness, the heat makes things worse. We don't want anyone using vomit bags,” she said of the first reason.

The second reason for maintaining low temperatures on planes is to prevent passengers from passing out. Thus, a study by the international organization ASTM International showed that travelers faint more easily during a flight due to a health condition known as hypoxia, i.e. reduced oxygen content in the body. Fainting happens when the tissues of the body do not receive enough oxygen, and the condition worsens due to high cabin pressure and high temperatures. To reduce the number of incidents, airlines have decided to keep their cabins cool after takeoff.

In fact, hypoxia can even lead to plane crashes. Let's remember 2005 and the tragic flight from Larnaca (Cyprus) to Athens (Greece). Then the pressure in the cabin dropped, which led to a fainting of the crew and tourists, and, as a result, the plane crashed, as a result of which everyone on board died.

As it turned out, the cold spreads unevenly throughout the cabin. Heidi Ferguson, who has been a flight attendant for 20 years, explained why some aircraft seats feel colder than others. In an interview with Best Life, she said the following: “The coldest seats on an airplane are the seats by the window. The ventilation system is right above the windows, and the air temperature on most flights is very low.”

The flight attendant also shared a secret about how she stays warm on board the aircraft, even when sitting under the vents. “I take a pack of tissues with me and tuck them into the air vents for a much more comfortable use. Just remember to take them out when you land,” she added.

According to a flight attendant named Victoria, known for TikTok videos, for those who don't want to endure the cold during a flight, you should avoid rows of 7 15 – they are the coldest. In addition, you should stay away from the rows located at the exit – these places also have low air temperatures.

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