The flight attendant revealed how to deal with laying in the ears during the flight

A flight attendant reveals how to deal with stuffy ears during a flight

Ear stuffing often occurs during flights. One of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of this ear discomfort is to yawn during takeoffs and landings. But from the outside, such actions may seem strange and constantly tedious to do them. The physiological problem can be solved in other simple ways. Flight attendant Victoria told about them on TikTok.

As an aircraft takes off or descends, cabin air pressure changes rapidly – the source of the pressure drop in the nasopharynx lies in the change in altitude. Physiologically, this can be described as follows: there is an air pocket inside the ears, which is usually under the same pressure as the air outside, but if the air pressure around the hiker changes, he will feel the air pressing against the eardrum. The ear has a small tube called the Eustachian tube. It is designed to equalize air pressure between the inner and outer parts of the ear. When yawning or swallowing, the tube opens, a characteristic air equalization signal is a pop or click.

During takeoff, the pressure in the cabin will quickly decrease. The ears don't like it. The tympanic membrane bulges outward and hearing is impaired, all of which contribute to a sensation of plugging in the ear, which will remain until the click occurs.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to speed up this process is to yawn during takeoff and landing. However, according to the stewardess, other methods will do.
“Chewing gum and lollipops help during takeoff or landing,” she said. Recall that until recently, before a flight, flight attendants always handed out sucking sweets to passengers of the aircraft for free.

In addition, the aviation expert said that not only the ears, but also the nose is blocked during the flight, so tourists should take on board funds from nasal congestion. “I always carry some kind of moisturizing nasal spray or cold remedy, as well as medicine for colds. If I feel that I am getting stuffy during the flight, I will definitely use them before takeoff and about 30 minutes before landing,” the flight attendant shared.

What to do if your ears are blocked, but there is no chewing gum or candy at hand? You need to close your mouth, pinch your nose and blow without much effort. The air from the lungs will press against the tiny tubes and release the pressure. You can't blow too hard. Firstly, because of the pain, and secondly, because of the likelihood of damage to the eardrums.

After landing, the sensation of stuffy ears should pass. If the symptoms persist for more than a day, it is better to consult a doctor.

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