The flight attendant revealed the mistake that most passengers make before boarding the plane

The stewardess revealed the mistake that most passengers make before boarding the plane

A big mistake is made by most tourists before boarding the plane. We are talking about refusing to take food with you in your hand luggage. The corresponding video appeared in the account of the stewardess Sierres Mistt in TikTok.

According to the girl, flights are often delayed, which puts passengers in a difficult position, because. food and drinks at airports are not the cheapest. What can make things better is a take-away snack that will keep passengers from getting hungry while waiting for a flight.

“I make sure I always have my own snacks and water when I board a plane . You never know when your flight will be delayed, because flight attendants are ordered not to distribute food or drinks until a certain time has passed, ”she explained.

Some passengers, especially experienced ones, are already aware of certain risks of not flying on time, so they take a full meal with them. In addition, if the food on board turns out to be tasteless, there will be no budget alternative. Conclusion: take care of food in advance. So, the traveler Sima Panhania always takes a package of instant noodles with her. In a video posted to TikTok, she is seen asking a flight attendant for hot water so she can prepare snacks on board.

“If you’re flying and you hate airplane food, be sure to bring instant noodles with you,” the girl advised. The footage shows how the tourist brewed noodles and added sauce and butter from a serving of on-board food to it. From the lunch included in the flight, she also needed a bun.

Users liked the idea of ​​a traveler. “I can’t wait to get on the plane again, just to do this, I want to eat spicy noodles on the plane,” “I fly often, and why I never thought about it,” they left such comments.

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