The flight attendant revealed the secret of how to get free drinks on the plane

The stewardess revealed the secret of how to get free drinks on the plane

Tourists can count on free drinks on board the plane in several cases. They were listed by former flight attendant Sean Katlin, who worked for the airline for 7 years.

In an interview with Sfgate, she spoke about the first method: “One thing that I like to tell people is elementary. You just need to say: “Hi, how is your day?” It's good for tourists to be friendly and respectful of the flight attendants, because it will help travelers count on additional service.”

The second effective way to get a free drink is to make an inexpensive gift to the flight attendants, which will definitely “cause” them. It could be chocolate, candy or tips. “I guarantee that you will get free drinks if you do this as a token of gratitude. One hundred percent,” she said.

The stewardess of the American low-cost airline JetBlue also spoke on this issue earlier. In a conversation with The Points Guy, the expert said that the tourist's clothing also affects the willingness of the staff to serve free drinks. “Presentation of yourself matters. I'm not saying that you'll get into another airline's premium cabin just because of how you're dressed. However, you can control how you are perceived and how you present yourself. Well-mannered passengers increase their chances of having a drink cart stop at their seat several times when they want something to drink, ”the specialist shared.

According to another flight attendant, there are also ways to get free snacks on the flight. So, 26-year-old Lara Angell, a flight attendant for the British airline Virgin Atlantic, said that even economy class passengers can count on free food without money. “If an economy traveler says they didn't like a snack, one of us can just drop in to a higher class of service and grab something to eat from there. For example, in economy class, we didn’t have herbal teas, but if one passenger asked for them, we could just go and get it from there,” said the flight attendant.

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