The flight attendant said that you should never eat anything on board before taking precautions.

The stewardess said that you should never eat anything on board before taking precautions

A flight attendant named Sisi issued a vital warning to tourists on her Tiktok account. According to her, you should never eat anything on board before taking precautions. In particular, we are talking about the need to take five important steps about hygiene while traveling. “There are five things that I will never do since I became a flight attendant,” she said.

Firstly, before using the chair table for eating, it must be thoroughly disinfected. “Airplanes are obviously being cleaned more thoroughly than they were before the coronavirus pandemic, but they are still not being cleaned effectively and trays are the last thing employees clean,” she explained.

There is a very good reason for this. In a study by disinfectant company Aquaint, an anonymous member of flight attendants recounted the shocking details of airshow cleaning: “Cleaners don’t have time to thoroughly clean planes between flights as they are constantly under pressure to ensure every plane is cleaned quickly. I saw passengers change their baby's diaper on the tray table. I recommend that passengers always disinfect their tables and other surfaces before takeoff.”

A study by the Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF) in the United States found that aircraft tray tables contained 2,155 units of colony-forming bacteria (CFU) per 6.45 sq cm.

Secondly, the flight attendant gave strict advice regarding the clothes and shoes in which tourists visit the toilets: “Never go to the toilet without shoes. I have seen unpleasant things there, and that liquid on the floor is not water.”

Thirdly, she advised air travelers to never “drink coffee or any hot liquids coming out of the coffee maker.”

< p>The last two warnings relate to interactions with flight attendants. According to her, as a passenger, she would never ask a flight attendant to put things in the carry-on compartment. “It's a physically demanding job and I've seen too many injuries from flight attendants putting passengers' bags on the top bunk, flipping their bags over and the like,” she explained.

In addition, the author of the video advised not to be rude towards the flight crew. “The bottom line is that if you are difficult on the ground, you can potentially become a problem in the air, and that puts everyone at risk. We don't want this. Remember, you can easily be “thrown out” of the plane, ”the stewardess warned and added that politeness is an opportunity for tourists to upgrade to a more comfortable class or at least receive privileges from the staff.

According to her, many passengers are rude to flight attendants, sometimes not even noticing their presence: “Have you ever wondered how passengers get free things like drinks and upgrades? Here's how. Whenever you first board a plane and see a flight attendant standing there and greeting you, the nicest thing you can do is acknowledge it and even reply.”

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