The flight attendant spoke about the things without which she never goes on a trip

The stewardess spoke about the things without which she never goes on a trip

When traveling, it is important to be prepared for any surprises, to remain confident, feeling of comfort and security. The stewardess told on TikTok about the things without which you never go on a trip.

Experienced tourists always have a few tricks and tips on how to make a flight or hotel stay safer and more enjoyable. A flight attendant living in Dubai shared her list of 4 things everyone needs on a trip, especially those traveling alone:

  1. A portable lock to lock the door of a hotel room.The girl explained that for work she has to stay in hotels about 3 times a week, and several times she faced situations when someone – a cleaner or an outsider – tried to enter her room. “I literally won’t go on a trip without my portable lock. This device is ideal if you are traveling alone or staying in a room where there is no latch,” said the flight attendant.
  2. Apple AirTag. This is a device that you can put in your suitcase and track the location of your belongings.
  3. A suitcase that opens from the top. Such models seem to the flight attendant more comfortable and give easier access to things than book-opening ones.
  4. Adapter adapter for international sockets, ideally with a USB port. It will allow a tourist to charge a phone or other gadget in any country.

The flight attendant's advice gained a lot of likes and was approved by users. One wrote: “Thanks for the advice, especially for the travel lock as my friends were recently robbed in London while on holiday from the US.”

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