The flight attendant told how to carry an extra bag on board for free

The stewardess told me how to bring an extra bag on board for free

Questions about how a tourist can bring an additional bag on board an aircraft for free are relevant every year. According to the flight attendants on the pages of the Express newspaper, there are four sure ways to do this so as not to check in the necessary things in luggage and not overpay.

The first way: use a shopping bag from the duty- fries at the airport as they are not considered hand luggage. As flight attendant Miguel Munoz explained, this will allow passengers to carry an extra bag on board at no additional cost and avoid overweight charges. However, it is worth remembering that baggage rules vary depending on the airline, so you should familiarize yourself with them before departure.

Second method: disguiseunder the pillow a pillowcase full of things. Experts say that many travelers successfully use this life hack and avoid additional luggage costs. “This is brilliant, and as a member of the crew, I would not have suspected anything,” said the steward. At the same time, he added that “it's easier to carry a duty-free bag around the airport than a pillowcase.”

Third way: put on your heaviest clothes before the flight.According to experts, this is one of the oldest ways to take on board more than what is allowed by the airline. Travelers can wear the bulkiest items like sweatshirts, coats and heaviest boots, which will free up more space in their suitcase and keep them warm on the plane. In addition, the flight attendants also recommended using pockets to put more things in if they are still worried about the weight of the suitcase.

Fourth way: dress in layers. will not know that there are eight bikinis, five tops and hoodies,” commented the flight attendants, who believe that for the sake of economy, they can suffer inconvenience, especially since, once on board, they can undress to a comfortable state.

Note that travel experts advised using these methods only as a last resort and did not recommend abusing them.

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