The flight attendant told how to get free drinks and food on board

The stewardess told how to get free drinks and food on board

If you tell the stewardess about a special and truthful reason for the flight and at the same time do it as politely and correctly as possible, then tourists can almost certainly count on free food and drinks on the plane. “If I were addressed like that, I would give a bottle of Prosecco,” flight attendant Miguel Munoz quoted the Express as saying.

According to an employee of the airline, there are several ways in which passengers can count on privileges. The most effective of them is to inform that the flight is dedicated to a special event in the life of a tourist. It's a birthday, honeymoon or anniversary.

“Many people come to us and say they're celebrating something and you can tell they're only saying it because they want something for free . It may be true, or they may be lying, but if the team is good, they will usually allow you to use the “freebie,” the flight attendant explained.

How to inform the staff about the occasion? “Just walk up to the staff to say hello. It is better to do this when the plane has already gained altitude. And explain what you're celebrating. It could be your birthday or your partner's, your honeymoon, anniversary or engagement. It's definitely a good reason to get something for free. Personally, I always prepare a nice tray with a couple of plastic glasses, a small bottle of Prosecco, and cover the bottle with a napkin to make it look prettier. Tourists love it,” Muñoz said,” she added.

However, this method can sometimes fail. The reason is the human factor. If a strict employee is appointed the chief flight attendant on this day, then tourists will have to be content with standard drinks and food, they are unlikely to receive additional free service.

Another way to get a “compliment” from a flight attendant is to sit in a chair with a sad or upset face. “When a passenger is very unhappy, because, for example, he wanted to buy ham and cheese toast, and we didn’t have any left, I always gave them something else for free,” she explained, adding that this only applies to polite tourists.

The final method is to help the staff. In this case, the flight attendants will not remain in debt and thank the assistant. “For example, we will give your place to one of the family members so that relatives can sit together. I would also offer them free tea or coffee,” concluded the flight attendant.

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