The flight attendant told why you should not use toilet paper on board

Stewardess told why not to use toilet paper on board

revealed the nasty reason for her unusual warning.

According to her, the toilet paper in airliners is often quite dirty. “When turbulence occurs and the remnants of the sanitary compartment are “shaken”, accordingly, they can “shoot” everywhere and in different directions. In particular, they can get on toilet paper rolls, so use paper to dry your hands,” the flight attendant advised.

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In addition, cloth towels are best for grooming, as they are located higher and are less likely to get “toilet spray”.

Another flight attendant previously told what time to not have to stand in queues for the toilet on board the aircraft. In addition, she stated that the crew members know what exactly this or that tourist is doing in the toilet. For details, read the article “A flight attendant revealed the secret of how to visit the toilet without a queue.”

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